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Tire Stickers Australia

Tire Stickers is a global leader in custom tire designs, motorcycle Decals, and Tire Lettering Stickers.

It’s our pleasure to showcase our ability to completely transform your car with simple additions to the tires. All products in our catalog can be used on a wide variety of tires, including motorcycle tires, RC car tires, exotic car tires, and even monster truck tires.

At Tire Stickers Australia, we strive to provide the best tire customization services tailormade for a straightforward, efficient application to rubber surfaces and tire sidewalls. We offer a wide range of products that may be used for commercial, personal, bicycles, motorcycles, off-road vehicles, and high-performance automobiles. Tyre stickers allow customers to customize tyre letter logos and kits. We offer both permanent tire stickers and temporary tire stickers that will undoubtedly stand out.

We understand the importance of working as a team, and that’s why Tire Stickers has, over the years, established a strong partnership with almost all major tyre manufacturers. These include Michelin, Maxxis, Formula 1, Avon, Yokohama, Good Year, Bridgestone, Continental, and more. For this reason, we can offer patented tire brand names that are only available through Tyre Stickers Australia.

Can’t see your brand in our catalog? No need to worry! Just place an order through our Create Your Own Section, Create Your Own – Frost Edition or Create Your Own – Line Accent Kit.

Besides the branding solutions, Tire Stickers offers high-quality products for flagging, identifying, and tracking tires for easier inventory management. We also provide additional tools for each of our products, including RFID, data matrix, bar codes, QR Codes, and other tyre security technologies.

DIY, permanent Tire Stickers lettering is a superb addition to any vehicle. Our specialized stickers for car tires can withstand extreme driving conditions, track days, and daily driving. Simply prepare the surface of the tire to clean off oil and dirt, and then glue on the white tire stickers, yellow tire stickers, blue tire stickers, or red tire stickers and enjoy the new fabulous look.

Tire Stickers design stickers for car tires that fit different types of vehicles! No more boring black tires! Pimp your ride with our custom raised tyre rubber sticker using original licensed designs. Ultra high-quality car tire stickers, our cheap tire stickers are designed to withstand harsh temperatures and environmental conditions.

Your imagination is the limit. Stickers for car tires can be made for almost anything, your friend’s birthday, our car club logo, and your vehicle’s build number or to promote your business. Some of the best tire stickers we’ve seen include “Donut Delivery”, “Up In Smoke”, “HEMI”, or “Molon Labe”. Applying tiresticker takes patience.

All our products are available at cost-effective rates. They have been thoroughly tested to withstand even the harshest conditions and environments. At Tire Stickers, we strive to provide fast, yet high-quality services and developing interactive relationships with all our clients by creating outstanding car tyre sticker designs that will, without a doubt, make your car, motorcycle, or bicycle stand out.

Tire Lettering Kit

Our custom lettering stickers, available in permanent tire stickers and temporary tire stickers, are specifically customized by you for you. There is no limit to the tire sticker custom designs. We can offer your car or motorcycle through our tire decal builder. Essentially, there is an unlimited amount of possibilities to the available designs for the best tire stickers.

Who said it has to be boring? You can liven up your rides ’round black things’ with customized tyre lettering and decals. Designed for quick and simple applications, our wide range of customized tire lettering kits also provides a temporary solution for photo shoots, races, and car shows. If you’re looking for something more permanent, remember to check out Tire Stickers pre-curved and individual letter permanent raised rubber lettering kits. Whether your preferred tire brand is Goodyear, Michelin, Maxxi, or something else, you’ll find the best Tire Stickers lettering kits to match your chosen brands.

Our custom tire lettering service comes to you in three different formats:

Custom OEM Tires – This is the best option when it comes to vehicle accessorizing. Choose from our line our selection of OEM Tires including Good Year, Nitto, Bridgestone, Yokohama, Maxxis, Michelin, and more; pick your customizations, and we will get it done. Every brand is available.

Temporary Tire Decals – Perfect for quick and straightforward, Do It Yourself application, with the ability to withstand over 2000 miles of harsh driving conditions. The tyre lettering kit solution for the short-term, heat-activated tyre decals gives tires the painted white letter tire stickers. And at the same time giving you the much-needed flexibility to easily change your tire decal designs whenever deemed necessary. Our Decals are a unique blend of substances that, whenever heat is applied, a special bond is activated to your tire for an impressive look.

Permanent Tire Lettering Kit: This kit provides a quality appearance and a durable bond lasting the tire’s lifetime and fully cleanable even after 50,000 miles of driving. Every permanent tyre lettering kit includes a uniquely designed car tire lettering adhesive and guidelines for application and removal.

Custom Tire Stickers

Every customer chance is a great chance to impress. For this reason, we make it easier for you to create your own custom tire stickers and create a matching yet highly professional look. The rubber letters on our lettering kits are affixed to the curved sample transfer film for fast and simpler application. This significantly reduces the risks of having crooked letters.

With hundreds of custom tyre sticker designs available, you’ll, without a doubt, find one that perfectly suits your needs and preferences and then add your contact info, logo, or business name. Furthermore, there is no limit to the quantity that you can choose.

Our custom tire sticker services can produce high-quality tire accents in different color combinations, including flares, dash lin kits, redline kits, white wall kits, and more.

Tire Decals

Tire Stickers will create for you a unique set of tire decals that will tell everyone how you roll.

Besides choosing what the tyre decals will read, Tire Stickers also allows you to customize the tyre décor sticker. Also, you can choose between the Peel & Stick Tire Stickers and permanent Tire Stickers. Permanent Tire Stickers are permanently raised rubber lettering that’s made to outlast your tires. On the other hand, the Peel & Stick available tire decal is also an excellent option for special events such as showcases, photo shoots, racing, or pranks on your spouse or friend.

Tire Stickers decals are available for different types of vehicles, from trucks and cars to ATVs and motorcycles, to go-karts and bicycles. The tire decal is made to hold out against all riding/driving conditions, including extreme tire karts and winds of up to 200 MPH.


Whitewall Tire lettering

With our whitewall tire lettering service, you can easily add the top-notch white walls appearance to your car tires. These tire decals are available for a wide variety of tire brands and different sizes based on the size of your tyres.

These white tyre lettering kits come in semi-permanent and permanent applications. They are designed for durability to withstand even the harshest riding/driving conditions.

They are simple to install on your car or motorcycle tires using a “clean & apply” technique. A permanent adhesive is used to apply the permanent decals, while a peel & stick application is used to apply the semi-permanent decals.

Motorcycle Tire Stickers

Our high-quality motorcycle tire stickers will, without a doubt, make your motorcycle stand out. As mentioned earlier, we design permanent raised rubber motorcycle letter kits for long-term durability. These motorcycle tire decals are cleanable and will even outlast your tire’s lifetime.

On the other hand, the temporary Peel & Stick products are designed for motorcycle shots, races, and photo shoots. It’s fast and easy to apply. You can discard it after a few miles of riding your tires.

Each motorcycle tire lettering kit order includes the Tire Stickers main product, application, and removal instructions.