Exotics on Cannery Row  is an event that is hard to miss if you happen to be celebrating Monterey Car Week, and it’s free to the public! Flashy exotic sports cars and enthusiasts alike from all over the world meet up to mix, mingle and show off their beautiful rides. Parked literally ON Cannery Row for the afternoon, the general public is able to get up close and personal with these cars.  Shopping, restaurants and parks all surround this event which makes attending it just that much easier and provides food and entertainment to hungry fans.  The event took place on August 14th, 2015 for the 2nd year in a row and what a year it was!  With record breaking attendance and beautiful weather, EOCR was the place to be that day.  Monterey is known for being California’s premiere upstate vacation destination, supplying tourists with great food, Beer. Wine, Lodging, Shopping and of course golf.  That’s right, just down the street is the world famous PGA golf course, Pebble Beach.  Be sure to attend next years show…

 A free event during Monterey Car Week where flashy exotic sports cars and enthusiasts gather to showcase their rides. Located on Cannery Row, attendees can get up close and personal with these beautiful cars while enjoying the surrounding shopping, restaurants, and parks.


But wait, there’s more! Tire Stickers teamed up with some  of the brightest minds in the business to work on various cars in ways that haven’t been done before.  The twin neon-yellow Lamborghini Huracan’s designed by Lamborghini of Beverly Hills and O-Gara Coach were absolutely stunning.  The design team decided to apply Red and blue temporary Tire Stickers to accent each of the cars color scheme, which can be seen on various other parts of the car.  When the car is stopped you can read each design however when the car is driving, the tires tun into spinning blades of bright rotating color.

Projects that advance the creative space within car customization and culture is truly what we here at Tire Stickers are excited about and we’d like to thank Lamborghini of Beverly Hills O-Gara Coach for the opportunity to help do just that.


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“For one week out of the year the quiet coastal town of Monterey turns into a mecca for the automotive world drawing visitors from around the globe. Monterey Car Week is an inspirational experience full of rare cars, breathtaking scenery and memorable events. For automotive enthusiasts, collectors and curators it is the ultimate representation of their passion.”