Planning a road trip across Australia with your kids? A road trip can be a great time for your family to bond or it can be an agonizing time for you, as you desperately wonder why it’s taking so long before you get to your destination. Being prepared for the road trip makes all the difference mainly because if the baby is happy, everybody is happy. The most important thing is planning is making sure you’ve got all the best Baby Car Travel Accessories you need. Also, it doesn’t hurt to ensure you bring along the best Baby Car Accessories to keep your kids entertained, comfortable, and organized! In this guide, we’ve handpicked and listed the 19 best Baby Car Accessories you will need when travelling with kids.

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Top Car Essentials For Baby

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    • Ideal for doll sizes up to 46cm
    • Complete with 3 point harness
    • Grows with the baby
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    • Contained portable entertainment
    • Unfold & Go
    • Spill proof
    • Strong, yet safe construction
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  • 3 Car Backseat Organizer for Kick Mat, Upgraded Extended Size and Larger Pockets Car Back Seat Protecto[...] A$23.98
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    • Multi storage pockets
    • Touch screen tablet holder
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What To Bring For Long Car Rides With Kids?

To help you make the right decision and choose the right infant car accessories for your kids, we’ve put together this list of the best baby car accessories focusing on all age groups from infants, babies, pre-schools, and school-going kids.

A road trip with kids can be as difficult or easy as you make it. Throw your kids in the vehicle with nothing for them to do and it will only take a few miles before they are bored and start complaining. Nonetheless, find perfect travel car accessories to keep them entertained and comfortable, and you can rest assured that you’ll enjoy an awesome road trip.

From portable potties to cute neck pillows and games, here are some of the best baby accessories for cars when traveling with kids.

Best Baby Car Travel Accessories

1. Casdon 710 Doll Car Booster Seat

A collage of various baby car accessories including a car seat, a baby mirror, a travel organizer, and a portable changing pad. These accessories are essential for a successful road trip with kids in Australia.Click for Price

Because many Australians will head off on the road trip with their own car, meaning you most likely have a car seat for your infant, baby, or young toddler.

Nonetheless, if you don’t have access to your car and you’ve opted to borrow from a friend or hire one, you shouldn’t forget to hire the most suitable booster seat or car seat. Over the years I’ve heard some people complain about the cleanliness of the seats of hired cars, so as an option, you can buy the best baby car seat from Amazon for the best travel experience.

We strongly recommend you check out Graco 4Ever Extend2Fit 4 In 1 Convertible Car Seat. This is a top accessory for all babies; the seat provides safety and comfort for your children from infancy. Not to mention, the car seat grows with the baby, meaning you don’t have to buy a new one after every few months. The car seat has four modes of use: a backless booster, a high-back booster, a forward-facing seat, and a rear-facing baby seat. For this reason, you can use the same product throughout childhood. Moreover, the booster seat weighs about 120lb, which makes it ideal for bigger kids.

2. Itomoro Baby Car Mirror

baby mirror Baby Car Travel AccessoriesClick for Price

A rear-facing baby car seat makes it hard to check how your baby is doing while driving. However, this mirror helps stay connected to the baby by giving a clear view of the precious face. The easier installation allows the mirror to be set up securely and safely.

Many new parents still believe that once they buy a new baby car seat, the infant is set for any type of commute. But that isn’t the case, as parents quickly learn they need more than just a seat. A baby car mirror is another important accessory to buy, to ensure parents can keep a close eye on the baby throughout travel.

At first, for the first few months in the baby’s life, we strongly recommend that you place the camera facing the rear of the car to avoid any unnecessary stress that might be caused by passing cars and flashing lights. However, the rear-facing seats mean it’s hard to see exactly how the baby is fairing while you are driving, which is the main reason why baby mirrors are important.

A baby mirror is typically a mirror that attaches to the backseat headrest, reflecting a better view of the rearview mirror. Many baby car mirrors boast the same specifications and features, but there are very few things to consider when choosing the most suitable one. It’s always important to make sure the mirror is crash-proof and shatterproof, therefore, they do not explode incase there is an accident. You should generally choose a convex or curved mirror because it offers a better view and the product stays nice and secure after it’s installed.

 3. Safety Buckle Seat Belt

Safety Buckle Seat Belt

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You can rest assured that the rambunctious kids will remain in their seat belts with this affordable safety buckle. The universal fit feature plays a major role in keeping your baby safe in every vehicle they ride in. The seat belt locks are a must-have baby car accessory to keep an active toddler or an autistic kid safe.

One of the most important things you should have on a road trip with babies is to have them well strapped into their seats. But the regular car strap or straps on the car seat used with the booster seat can rub and even cut into your baby’s neck.

4. Summer Baby Car Seat Protector

Baby Car Seat Protector

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You need this car seat protector to protect your car interiors. The waterproof and sturdy design makes sure that the backseat will remain in the best shape. The seat protector can be utilized with booster seats and car seats. Also, it comes with extra storage pockets to protect your kid’s personal items.

5. Seat Belt Pillow


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The pillows are some of the best baby car accessories you should have for any travel. You might want to buy more than one pillow because this pillow can be used for adults and children alike.

6. Back Seat Protectors

Back Seat Protectors

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As we all know, all kids have got lots of energy and love playing. They might not be in a position to run around when sitting in the car’s backseat, but they can easily kick their feet. These back seat protectors also known as kick mats will help protect the car seats from grime and dirt. The good news is that the machine is washable.

7. Water Bottle

baby car Water Bottle

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Having a good source of water in your car means that there would be very few stops for beverages and drinks, which means you can focus on driving and even get to your destination on time. These colorful and beautiful bottles usually come with a built-in straw to make sure this is in total control at the right time for the kid to take a sip. This exact model is pretty wide, but it should also fit into the standard cup holder.

8. Travel Baby Bottle Warmer

Travel Baby Bottle Warmer

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This bottle warmer doesn’t rely on electricity and makes it easier for you to comfort the infant with a bottle of warm milk. The device uses a vacuum insulated feature to heat the milk bottle to the right temperature. For this reason, the baby bottle warmer is one of the best baby car accessories you can buy today. Thanks to its compact size, the baby warmer do not take much space and perfectly fits on most bags.

9. Car Windows Shades

Car Windows Shades

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Glaring sunbeams coming in through the windows can cause sunburn and also cause discomfort when the baby is trying to fall asleep. You might think that the car windows shades is just a car essential for the kid, but they are also very useful for a young teen.

A good sunshade makes it possible for you to have a comfortable mid-day drive without sunbeams getting into the car. It’s agonizing for the sun to directly shine to your baby’s face, making the baby uncomfortable and even impossible for it to fall asleep. Another good thing about the car windows shades is that they can be used as privacy filters.

The side window sunshades usually come in different styles. We checked and found that the Sock Version is the best sidecar sunshade. Its mesh covering fits the top of the car door completely enveloping the read window, hence preventing the sun rays from getting through. When buying this type of sunshade, you need to review the shape and size of the sock-style shade to make sure it perfectly fits into the car.

10. Rubbish Bin

car Rubbish Bin

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The kids will hand back the rubbish to you. It can be very annoying to have them throw trash everywhere littering the entire car. To help prevent this, you should place a compact car trash bin that you can hang off the bin in the middle of the car in a place where it’s accessible to everyone inside the car.

If there is no rubbish bin receptacle, some kids might just opt to throw their trash on the floor. Having a rubbish bin in the car encourages kids to clean up after themselves.

11. Travel Sick Bag For Kids

Travel Sick Bag For Kids

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Unfortunately, one thing a parent can control is travel sickness. Some adults and kids do not cope very well with long road trips. While this is an issue you might be aware of, sometimes travel sickness just sneaks up. A toddler or baby that once slept soundly and traveled well for longer distances becomes very ill.

Some kids might travel very well as toddlers but after reaching pre-school, they start suffering from travel sickness. Not to mention that children might have eaten something that didn’t go well with them or a stomach bug might catch up with them.

12. Portable Potty

Portable Potty

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Another mishap that might happen when you have infants, babies, and preschoolers is a toiletry issue. Babies are very notorious for not going to the washroom when you ask them to even before leaving home. Many parents have complained of having to pull over on the roadside with vehicles whizzing by so they can have a toilet break.

For boys, it’s pretty easy, but for younger girls learning to properly manage a squat can be very tricky, the potty makes it very easy. But you don’t have to carry a heavy potty with the rest of your gear.

It’s for this reason we recommend investing in a folding travel potty. Also, this comes in handy for all midnight calls even when camping.

Potty training emergencies will be a thing of the past with this great portable potty seat. The disposable bags securely fold over to ensure it catches everything.

13. Disposable Urine Bags

Disposable Urinal

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It’s very easy to see the benefits of having a more disposable urinal in your car. The unique feature of this affordable product is 100% spillproof that completely absorbs the liquid.

14. Backseat Organizer

best car accessories for baby Backseat Organizer

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Kids enter the car with several comfort items and toys. The backseat organizer is an important part of keeping the backseat neat and nice. This important baby car accessory comes with 9 storage compartments.

To keep all the travel toys for the car well organized and easily accessible you might like to have a car seat, toy holder.

The backseat organizer usually straps to the back of the passenger’s and driver’s seats. It offers lots of pockets to place a water bottle, snacks, toys, and pencils. The main benefit of the organizer is that the seats will remain completely free for up to 3 children or the kids to comfortably stretch out. Nonetheless, the child should be big enough to reach the seatback organizer to replace or organize the items.

This car seat organizer comes with a tray that provides the child with a small table to play or work, very similar to that of a plane.

15. Outdoors Baby Blanket

Outdoors Baby Blanket

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This baby blanket is an important car accessory for kids for any travel activities with the baby. The baby blanket has a water-resistant fabric that keeps the baby comfortable when hanging out. And because this baby blanket is machine washable, it’s very easy to clean.

As you know by now, when you fall asleep, the body temperature drops. However, you can ensure the kids remain warm with a plush compact travel blanket. The good news is that the travel blanket can be easily strapped onto your luggage, making it easier to carry.

16. Travel Tray For Babies Car Seat

Travel Tray For Babies Car Seat

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This beautiful play tray is a great activity hub for the back seat. Children might be excited for many hours to have everything they need when traveling.

Basically, this travel is pretty awesome. For starters, it’s a tray to keep the baby less messy on long trips. Keep in mind that this isn’t just any other old tray, it’s kids’ play tray. It usually features a beautiful city road design for the children to roll hot wheels over. Also, it has multiple compartments to hold various screens, activities, and treats, depending on how entertained you want the child to be when traveling.


17. Universal Tablet Headrest Holder For Apple Ipad Mini/Air/Pro

Universal Tablet Headrest Holder

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The universal tablet headrest makes life much easier with a straightforward and sleep design. Once installed, all your child has to do is relax with their favorite show or movie.

We all know the benefits, which come with having a tablet. You can program the tablet with games and movies to provide endless hours of entertainment for your baby or young teens.

This accessory doesn’t come as a surprise. As much as children love snacks and toys and games, there is a magical thing that this generation of kids loves above everything else: YouTube. If you’ve got a long road trip to cover, you might want to throw on some tablets and allow your kids to enjoy the ride. The mount is important because it’s adjustable and can hold various types of devices, not just iPads.

18. Footmuff For The Cold Season

Footmuff For The Cold Season

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A footmuff for your toddler will guarantee that they stay cozy and warm. You might even start wishing that the footmuff comes in adult size. This is windproof and comes with a comfortable hood.

19. Kid-Friendly First Aid Kit

baby car accessories first aid kit

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Our list of the best baby car accessories won’t be complete without the family first aid kit. This first aid kit is very kid-friendly, but you shouldn’t confuse it with a toy. The kit comes with all the basics: swabs, exam gloves, gauze, ointments, bandages, and more. The best thing about it is the great design of carrying the case, featuring some cartoon animal characters to put your toddler at ease.


Final Thoughts

Staying well organized gives the parent the peace of mind they need to drive safely and reduces stress on the baby. For a more exciting trip in your car, there are some important baby car accessories that determine how flawlessly the trip becomes. It usually comes down to:

  • How comfortable your kids are
  • Are the baby car accessories affordable
  • How easy it is to find car accessories for babies

With all these bases well covered, you’re on your way to enjoying a fascinating road trip. You can also check through our article for the best car exterior accessories or our guide to the Best Car Mat Cleaners.

Overall, we strongly hope that you’ve found this handpicked list of the most popular baby car accessories helpful in knowing exactly what you’ll need when traveling with kids. Proper planning is an excellent way to ensure you have a smooth road trip.