Regardless of the amount of time you spend inside your car, it’s always important to clean it regularly, inside and out. This is because, over time, daily accumulation of spills and dirt could ruin the paint job and when stains and dirt are allowed to build up inside, they aren’t only ruining the appearance, but also could lead to unpleasant odors. Keep your cars always clean is also great for resale purposes, but a cleaner car is also a great source of personal pride. We don’t want to ride in a dirty car while wondering what we might be stepping on or sitting on.

So, what exactly do you need to keep your ride looking great? Here, we’ve handpicked and listed the best car cleaning kit in Australia to keep the car looking good.

Read on to find out more!

Our Top Picks

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  • Multi-function brush, wet and dry dual use.
  • No metal parts, no harm and scratch to cars.
  • Enough length detail brush to reach into the lug nuts, can cleaning the narrow or tight space.
  • Soft brush hair, great for using on soft leather seats or trim.
  • 5 different detail brush, meet your various needs.
  • Suitable for removing dust, bread crumbs and other small items out of the wheels, air vents, trim, seat crevices and emblems, make cars fully tidy and clean.
  • No metal parts, no harm and scratch to cars.
  • Different sizes brushes to meet difference required.
  • Multi-function car detailing brush, wet and dry dual use.
  • Soft detail brush hair, great for using on soft leather seats or trim.
  • Suitable for removing dust, bread crumbs and other small items out of the wheels, air vents, seat crevices and emblems.
  • Drill brush design with medium stiffness nylon bristles, it will not scratch the item surfaces.
  • Cleaning efficiency is 6 times that of manual cleaning, it can save your time.
  • Designed for clean car tire, bathroom surface, carpet, floor, tile, shower and toilet etc.
  • This kit contains medium stiffness nylon power brushes that will attach to your favorite cordless drill.
  • 3 different sizes and shapes of brushes for cleaning around your bathroom surfaces.
  • These nylon bristles will not scratch and can be used on tubs, sinks, baseboards, fiberglass shower enclosures, shower door tracks, and porcelain.
  • All three brushes have quarter inch QUICK CHANGE shafts,Cordless drill NOT included Drill NOT include.
  • Multi-function brush, wet and dry dual use.
  • No metal parts, no harm and scratch to cars.
  • Enough length detail brush to reach into the lug nuts, can cleaning the narrow or tight space.
  • Soft brush hair, great for using on soft leather seats or trim.
  • 5 different detail brush, meet your various needs.
  • Suitable for removing dust, bread crumbs and other small items out of the wheels, air vents, trim, seat crevices and emblems, make cars fully tidy and clean.
  • 1. Scratch Free: This car cleaning kit is made with highest quality material which is soft and completely scratch free. It can be used on every type of car without any traces of fragments after cleaning.
  • Microfiber Cloth: Super Soft Wash cloth will keep your car dry after you finish your cleaning. This cloth is scratch free and easy to dry. Durable and lasts lifetime.
  • Wax Applicator: Keep your car shining with this soft wax applicator which is perfect for any car. Easy wax application and provides clear coat of wax to your car.
  • Car Wipes: These Car wipes are super soft and helps with any spills in the car. You can use these on dash board or on leather seats. Keep them closed after use to make them last for a longer period of time.
  • Portable Bag: It has a portable bag that fits any trunk with any time of space, and keeps all your cleaning tool in one place, with a handle for easy carry around.
  • Brand new and high quality
  • Material: Microfiber chenille
  • Color: Blue,Orange
  • Size: 24*13cm(Item Measure by hand, it could be 2-3cm different,your kind understanding will be much appreciated.)
  • Easily removes dirt, dust or finger prints and helps to make the car window clean and clear.
  • Soft microfiber bonnet can be easily wrapped on the pad or removed for washing.
  • Ergonomic designed handle is easy to grip, use and labor-saving.
  • A good cleaning tool for many kinds of cars, trucks, SUVs, and RVs windows, windshields.
  • Soft fine hairs, fit does not hurt the car, easy to clean; Mini compact design for convenience
  • Go deep into hidden corners and clean hidden dust; Deep fixation, pulling without hair loss;
  • Multi-scenario application: suitable for car interior, home, office, keyboard cleaning, etc.
  • 100% brand new and high quality
  • 10 pieces of car cleaning kit with soft texture, give your car comprehensive protection
  • 99.9% brand new and high quality
  • 17 pieces cleaning tool kit, make your car clean like new, no dust. They are fully functional automotive parts

8 Best Car Cleaning Kits

1. Armor All 18574 Premier Car Care Kit

 Keep your car looking great with our top picks for the best car cleaning kits in Australia. Regular cleaning is important for appearance and resale value.Click for Price

From the reputable Armor All enterprise, the Armor All 18574 Premier Car Care Kit comes with all the key essentials you’ll need to keep your car looking great, including a wash pad, a wax cleaner, a tire & wheel cleaner, and an air freshener pump spray. Its works pretty well for your glass, tires, exterior, and interior.

The cleaning kit Armor All Premier Car Care kit offers a great blend of wax and other lubricants for a mirror like shine and water beading. Also, the Armor glass wipes leave a clean and residue-free surface. Many car owners who have used this car cleaning kit in the past can attest to its effectiveness when it comes to cleaning their cars.

One notable drawback is the lack of preparation materials, with no mitts or towels included. Nevertheless, you can purchase these at very low costs.

2. Chemical Guys Leather Cleaner and Conditioner Complete Leather Care Kit

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Do you reside in an apartment building or don’t have good access to the driveway? If so, the Chemical Guys Leather Cleaner Care Kit is a perfect choice. This is a great eco-friendly solution that provides you with an easier way to wipe away any contaminants without unnecessarily affecting the leather. It combines lubricating agents and hyper-surfactants to lift both grime and dirt from the car exterior and effectively as a rinse and wash agent.

It’s particularly notable how the Chemical Guys Leather Cleaner Care Kit penetrates the leather pores to lift as well as suspend oils and dirt. The cleaning kit is safe for use on everything made with leather. It includes a sprayer bottle with an oversized handle that makes it easier to use.

According to the current user reviews, the Chemical Guys Leather Cleaner Care Kit does a great job when it comes to cleaning your car. Car owners testify that the car cleaning kit is very easy to use and represents a good value and meets a wide range of cleaning needs.

3. MOTHERS California, Gold, 1 Clay kit

MOTHERS California, Gold, 1 Clay kitClick for Price

The Mothers California Gold Clay Kit is perfect for a deep paint clean. This car cleaning kit includes a microfiber towel, a Mothers Instant Detailer, and two clay bars. All these work pretty well to remove stubborn and hard grime deposits, tree sap, road spoils, and other contaminants from the paint.

You should consider this cleaning kit as a great line of defense for a better interior-detailing job where washing and polishing can’t remove all the dirt. Also, it helps prevents the contaminants left on your car surface before a rigorous polishing or waxing from marring or scratching your car paint.

Moreover, the Mothers California cleaning kit is highly rated by many car owners. This is because this cleaning kit does something that other cleaning kits cannot do.

4. AUTODECO 22Pcs Car Wash Cleaning Tools Kit Car Detailing Set

AUTODECO 22Pcs Car Wash Cleaning Tools Kit Car Detailing SetClick for Price

The AUTODECO Car Wash Cleaning Tools Kit has everything you need to clean your car. It includes conditioner and shampoo for removing contaminants and dirt and blended liquid wax that protects the car paint and produces a deeper shine. Also, the kit has a quick detail spray for the exterior and interior.

Other items include one blue storage zipper bag, one portable collapsible bucket, four wax applicator pads, one car tire cleaning stone hook, 6 glasswasher cleaning tablets, one duster for the air vent, one wheel brush, one car tire brush, one window water scrapper, two super absorbent towels, one microfiber wash sponge and one big chenille microfiber wash mitt. Essentially, this is a great car cleaning kit for those learning about car detailing. It comes with everything you need to get that amazing long-lasting shine.

Although this kit might seem a little expensive, it’s worth every dime because it comes with so many great products.

5. Chemical Guys HOL126 14-Piece Arsenal Builder Car Wash Kit

Chemical Guys HOL126 14-Piece Arsenal Builder Car Wash KitClick for Price

If money isn’t an issue, the Chemical Guys HOL126 14 Piece Arsenal Builder Car Care Kit is one incredible way to take care of your ride with the best car cleaning kit out there. The car care kit comes with a wash bucket with a grit guard to ensure you don’t spread dirt around when cleaning your car. Basically, you get the car wash soap as well as a few towels to get started. Also, you get a foam cannon and a unique absorbent drying towel. After a thorough cleaning, you can use the wax to leave a shiny surface and a quick detailer is a superb way to ensure you do a great job. Also, you’ll find a wheel cleaning plus top-notch tire dressing inside the kit. A foam applicator and a cleaning brush are also part of this package.

Although this is a great car cleaning kit, the bucket is pretty vulnerable to damages from the impact. If you store the kit in a safe spot, without stepping on it, then you can rest assured that the kit can last for long.

6. HIWARE 16 Pack Drill Brush Car Detailing Kit

HIWARE 16 Pack Drill Brush Car Detailing KitClick for Price

If you’re on a tight budget, but don’t want to forego quality, then we strongly recommend the HIWARE 16 Pack Drill Brush Car Detailing Kit. It includes a wide variety of cloths and brushes, each made to tackle different surfaces. Whether it’s bugs on the windshield or you just want to scrap the dirt off, this detailing kit has everything you need to clean your car. Also, it comes with one of the best car cleaning brushes.

The cleaning cloth is made of heavy-duty material and will make it easier for you to scrub hard. However, the material is gentle enough to prevent any scratches. With the microfiber, you do not have to worry about any water spots. This cleaning kit also doubles as a cleaning bucket for the cleaner and makes it easier to finish cleaning and you won’t leave any mess behind.

Remember this affordable kit comes with almost everything you’ll need including a ball-shaped brush, a two-inch brush, and two types of 4-inch brushes. As mentioned earlier, the cleaning set includes six sponges in 3 textures, different patterns fit on various surfaces to boost effectiveness. Combined with the wool pads, they will be great for all types of sealing glaze, glass polishing, and coat paint waxing.

7. Konpard 7Pcs Car Wash Brush Kit

Konpard 7Pcs Car Wash Brush KitClick for Price

If you want to stick to the basics of car care, the Konpard Car Wash Brush Kit is a great option. The car cleaning kit usually comes with up to 10 pieces, each meant to address different parts of the car. The microfiber cloth works perfectly on different kinds of paint. It doesn’t leave any scratches behind and helps avoid issues relating to watermarks. The cleaning kit includes a wide range of detailing tools for the car interiors. These scrubbers work with different cleaning fluids, particularly if you don’t want to use chemicals, these pieces can be easily used with water and soap.

The car detailing brush in this kit is a perfect accessory for washing, dusting, and drying your car. Besides using it to wash your car, boat, RV, Motorcycle, SUV, or truck, it’s perfect for outdoor structures, kids slides, outdoor sheds, ceiling fans, dusting, and windows. You can use it on any surface you want.

The long alloy handle means you don’t have to strain your back when cleaning. The lightweight aluminum alloy can easily extend out up to 40.5 inches long and can also offer a 180-degree angle, making it easier for you to quickly clean your car.

It’s important to note that although this is a complete car cleaning kit, it only includes a cleaning tool and doesn’t include any cleaning chemical. Having said that, this gives you an opportunity to choose what you want to use to clean your car.

8. Relentless Drive 16-Piece Car Wash Kit

Relentless Drive 16-Piece Car Wash KitClick for Price

Looking for a way to clean your vehicle with effective and safe tools? If so, the Relentless Drive 16-Piece Car Wash Kit is a great option. It comes with all the tools and chemicals you need to wash and dust your car. The glass cleaner prevents your car paint from scratches, whereas the tyre brush provides superb protection against the grime. Everything in this kit comes inside a box, preventing the risk of losing some parts.

Other items included in this kit include one storage bag, one car refresher, one collapsible bucket, one drying towel, one car dust cleaning gel, two microfiber wax applicators, one microfiber towel, one air condition vent brush, one microfiber car wash mitt, one rim and wheel brush, one car tire brush, one car duster interior, one window squeegee, 16 oz car wash soap and a ceramic wax spray.

Every tool included in this kit is specially designed for ease of use and convenience to clean your car, semi-truck, RV, pick up, motorcycle or SUV.

Car Cleaning Kit Buying Guide

All the best car cleaning kits listed here were chosen based on ingredients/formulas and well-roundedness. As car enthusiasts, our interest is to keep our cars as clean and shiny as possible.

With the best car cleaning kits, we’ve largely focused on well roundness. Great cleaning kits should be able to pay attention to the exterior and interior wash products, utilizing a superb mix of clay bars, waxes, shampoos, and great surface protectants for tires, glass, and other important aspects. It’s amazing that most of them have included handheld sprays, microfiber cloths, and foam guns, all of which make cleaning much easier.

We’ve also considered the overall value of the car cleaning kit. The best product should give you real value for the money you’ve spent to acquire it. With the best car cleaning kits, you’ll be pleased to find that all those we’ve included here are worth your money depending on your needs and preferences.

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Car Cleaning Kit


A great car cleaning kit should provide at least 4 pieces of important essentials (glass, tires, interior, and exterior). We prefer the 24 to 16 piece kit that combines most of the following items (microfiber towels, application accessories like sud-producing sprayers, clay bars, waxes, tire foam protectant, glass wipes, interior cleaner, and exterior cleaner.


The best car care kits carry waxes and shampoos with the natural carnauba wax. Obtained from the Brazilian palm tree, the Carnauba wax is widely known for its water beading properties and high glass endurance, making it easier for grime and dirt to lift off your car with each wash. Other formulas might use citrus-based solutions.


Today’s car cleaning kits include premium quality accessories. Some of the most costly cleaning kits carry mitts acquired from new Zealand and Australian lambswool with the elasticated backing to remove the sticky spots. Expect to see water-drying towels, glass wipes as well as foam applications.

Bottom Line

Our top pick for the best car cleaning in Australia is the Relentless Drive 16-Piece Car Wash Kit, but if you’re looking for a budget car cleaning kit, then you should opt for the HIWARE 16 Pack Drill Brush Car Detailing Kit. You can also check out our review of the best car accessories.

Best Car Cleaning Kit Australia FAQs

What’s the difference between washing and detailing?

Washing your vehicle is like giving the car a bath. You are using water and soap to clean the debris, dirt, and dust that accumulates every time you park or hit the road, where the vehicle is exposed to different elements. All you have to do to wash your vehicle is supply water and a car wash soap or cleaning solution.

On the other hand, car detailing is more detailed work. When you choose to detail your vehicle, you clean and protect every part of your car’s interior as well as exterior. Detailing is more about all-rounded cleaning and it needs more specialized tools and products. You need a clean car in order to detail the car.

Do car-cleaning products expire?

Yes, everything including car-cleaning products expires, but the expiration date usually varies by the manufacturer. For instance, some manufacturers state that their products should be used within 5 years.

Also, the expiration date varies with the product you’ve purchased, the storage temperature, and the type of product you own. Technically, if you notice any change in the product’s performance and appearance, it’s time to throw it away.

How do I clean my car interiors?

It’s always important to clean your car exterior as the interior. When cleaning the car interior, consider removing all the car mats in order to vacuum the carpets. You should avoid vacuuming the area under your seats. You can use vacuum attachments such as crevice devices to clean the air vents and reach all tight spaces between the car seats.

Depending on your car material, use either upholstery or leather cleaning to keep the seats in a good condition. For harder surfaces, rubbing alcohol on the cleaning cloth can help remove germs, grime, and dirt.

Never forget to clean your car windows; most people prefer using a combination of alcohol and vinegar to leave an incredible shine.

How do I store my car cleaning products?

Extreme cold and heat can adversely affect how long the car-cleaning product remains effective. So, it may be convenient to keep the cleaning products in your garage. Also, the laundry room is a great place to store your car cleaning products. Also, the closet in your home can be a great option if you’ve got enough space. Keep all the car cleaning products in an easy-to-carry casing makes it easier to transport them. The good news is that some of the best car cleaning kits come with their own storage bags.