Whether for security, convenience or just to look cool, the best car remote start system can add many incredible features to your ride. Furthermore, probably a lightweight jump starter, a remote starter is one of the best car accessories you can get for your car. These handy accessories have quickly become a common feature in new vehicles and allow the drivers to heat their car on cold mornings or even cool it when it’s very hot before the door even opens. Also, some offer you security and other useful monitoring capabilities.

Some, like the Viper 5806V, our top pick can easily control your vehicle from up to a kilometer away and features an OLED display that you can use to access a wide variety of powerful features. Other remote starters allow users to access many functions through your app on your smartphone. Numerous proven aftermarket options are available. Remember that although most of these are very affordable for all the benefits they provide, you may have to consider the installation costs depending on the model you choose to buy.

Our Top Picks – Best Keyless Car Starters

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  • Priority unlock feature
  • Trunk release
  • 3000 feet range
  • Has a mobile start option
  • Dome light supervision
  • Includes 3 button transmitters
  • Parking light flash
  • Bright red LED status indicator
  • Two way LED confirmation
  • Two way LCD remote included
  • Intelligent security sensors
  • 3000 feet range

Crimestopper SP-502 2-Way Remote Starter

A car remote start system adds incredible features to your ride, providing security, convenience, and a cool factor. Control your vehicle from up to a kilometer away with the Viper 5806V, featuring an OLED display for easy access to powerful functions.Buy on Amazon

Next on our list of the best car, remote starters is the Crimestopper SP-502 remote starter. This system is designed for people looking to be in a position to customize their car controls. It includes the standard pre-set buttons on the 2 included remotes for unlocking and locking remote start and opening your car trunk. Also, it includes the 5th button that may be assigned to any function you choose. Amongst the available 31 programmable options include the tachometer and engine monitoring features.

The Crimestopper SP-502 remote starter is compatible with both manual and automatic transmission cars and offers smartphone control if you also buy the Mobile Start MS-3 module. The only drawback is that the system doesn’t have more advanced security features. It’s also important to mention that it only has a 3000 feet range.

Key Features

  • Priority unlock feature
  • Trunk release
  • 3000 feet range
  • Has a mobile start option

Avital 3100LX 3 Keyless Starter

Avital 3100LX 3 Keyless StarterBuy on Amazon

The Avital 3100LX 3 stands out from the rest with its premium tech abilities. The remote starter system has distinct AUX output and a great boost range as they are integrated with the Superhet receiver. The wide range of features available include trunk release, remote starter, unlock and lock. The optional anti-grind relay makes sure that the system is completely secure by preventing the remote start system from engaging in case the ignition key mistakenly switches to a start position during use.

The good news is that you can choose to install the remote system yourself so you don’t have to pay any extra installation costs.

Key Features

  • Dome light supervision
  • Includes 3 button transmitters
  • Parking light flash
  • Bright red LED status indicator
  • Keyless entry system

Compustar CS7900-AS All-in-One 2-Way Remote Start and Alarm Bundle

Compustar CS7900-AS All-in-One 2-Way Remote Start and Alarm Bundle Buy on Amazon

The Compustar CS7900-AS is a two-way remote start system that features two-way key fobs and a Blade AL Bypass molecule. The feature that uses the two key fobs is pretty rare amongst remote start systems, making it very unique among its rivals.

These fobs have a great design and are pretty strong. They comprise 4 silver buttons, whereas the control mainframe comprises plastic. If you want to send commands to the vehicle from this fob, you just press the right button and the car sends back the commands, which tell you that the car has been switched ON.

It’s a 3000 feet remote start system, which also includes an alarm bundle with a two-way interactive remote. The control system includes LED, siren, shock sensor, and CM600 Control module.

The remote control system allows you to start and lock your car with confidence because it provides both audio and visual confirmation when the commands are successfully sent.

The intelligent security sensors in this remote car start system can add impact, trunk, and hood, and door sensors all around the car to detect any intrusion.

Key Features

  • Two way LED confirmation
  • Two way LCD remote included
  • Intelligent security sensors
  • 3000 feet range

Directed Electronics 2101L Avital

Directed Electronics 2101L AvitalBuy on Amazon

The Directed Electronics 2101L Avital remote start system features a 2-button LCD transmitter, which controls various functions. It has a one-mile range, an extra trigger input, and a tilt and shock sensor. It also features a Li-ion battery with fast charging ability. The remote control system the temperature inside your car and notifies you 3 minutes before it turns the car off.

The battery life of the remote start system is pretty good, considering its also rechargeable. The remote system allows you to see whether your vehicle is running or locked. The engine automatically shuts off if a key isn’t inserted and then turned, which prevents the car from running continuously.

One drawback associated with this remote start system is that you may have to hire an expert to install it, which adds extra costs. It’s also important to note that viper doesn’t offer any technical support unless you’re a viper authorized installer or seller.

Key Features

  • Extra trigger input
  • Tilt and shock sensor
  • Water-resistant
  • Powersports security system


EASYGUARD EC003N-V-1 PKEBuy on Amazon

This is an automatic car alarm system comprising a remote start, passive keyless entry function, and a push start button. The PKE feature automatically unlocks or locks the door when you approach or walk away from the car in a 3 to 6 feet range.

Keep in mind that this control system isn’t compatible with vehicles with a double pulse for unlocking/lock. Also, it doesn’t work with vacuum or pneumatic locking systems. With the push start button, you can either stop or start the car without having to insert the key ignition.

The good news is that this remote system is compatible with many DC 12V petrol vehicles available in the market, including manual and auto gear cars. You should never try installing it in your luxury car.

The only drawback to this car remote starter is that you’ll need the services of a professional alarm installer.

Key Features

  • Compatible with both auto and manual gear cars
  • Extra bypass module
  • Doesn’t work with a vacuum locking system
  • PKE enabled

EasyGO (AM-Universal-R) Universal Smart Key System with Remote Start

EasyGO (AM-Universal-R) Universal Smart Key System with Remote StartBuy on Amazon

Another great car remote start system you should check out is the EasyGO Smart Key System. It’s a factory range start system with no extra keys. The engine push stop/start button and all included accessories and parts are made of premium quality components and can withstand extreme low and high temperatures and the climate ensures the system is highly reliable.

The RFID smart remote fobs are crafted to meet the user’s needs. You can lock or unlock your car without inserting the keys in the ignition.

Key Features

  • High-quality components
  • Full alarm car security feature

Remote Start System – Buying Guide

It might be hard to understand why different remote starter systems are widely amongst different brands, particularly if you’re new in the realm of car remote controls. Nevertheless, the choice you make depends on the main reason why you want to buy the remote control – such as whether or not you’re looking for improved security, to control the temperature inside your vehicle, and much more.

There are several factors one should consider before picking the best car remote starter.

The Range

If you reside in a safe neighborhood and don’t mind starting your car as you stroll away into your home, then the remote control you choose to buy will be different from someone who wants to start the vehicle when they are inside the house.

The range of your remote start system determines the end price that you must pay to get it. So, it’s always important to make sure you carefully consider all these. Furthermore, the range doesn’t mean the distance from the vehicle to your house, it also means all the places you frequent – such as the mall shops you go to often or even your office.


Although remote starters have started to adopt impressive and sophisticated technology aspects, it’s always best to get yourself a backup option, particularly if the technology used malfunctions.

When making a purchase, always remember to check whether or not the remote starter system has got a cut-off button under the hood. This allows you to leave a few options open for easier access whenever you want to take the car for service or repair and can also prevent the occurrence of injuries by manually switching off the starter.


All the remote starters utilize a pager, and this uses one of two communication systems: the 1-way or 2-way. This may not seem important, but it plays a crucial role when it comes to the information the remote start system gives as you operate your car.

If you choose a remote start with two-way communication, you’ll notice it usually tends to be more expensive than the one-way pager system.

Furthermore, keep in mind that some of the remote start systems have a complex working mechanism and this usually allows them to provide additional features besides just starting or stopping the car. In such cases, your remote start system needs to have a strong dynamism in the communication setup. For example, letting you send the messages and incorporate the usage of other icons, which are present in your phone.

The Engine

Most remote start systems usually have some type of engine sensors that help the system know when the vehicle is already running without turning it ON again. If the system lacks a sensor, you’ll find that the remote starter constantly tries to switch on the car engine and this leads to long-term damage to the car engine.

The complexity of the sensor system largely depends on exactly what you’re looking for. Some of the systems you find out there have high-level sophistication and can track the car motors’ RPMs when the engine has been turned ON. This security feature protects the car engine in the long term and ensures it doesn’t get damaged.

Nevertheless, always remember that such sophistications could ultimately result in tear and wear, particularly if the car engine is left running for hours. If you rev the engine for a long time, the remote start system which tracks the RPMs might kill the engine, which means you must be very careful when using these or just stick to the simple remote start systems.


There are numerous functions that the remote start systems might offer – the door unlocks is the most common one. Nevertheless, there is a wide range of others, such as switching on/off the lights, trunk opening, or temperature control. Most of the models you’ll find out there offer you a chance to add the features you want, so you should make the final decision based on the simplicity you’re looking for.

Installation Costs

Surprisingly, the most costly part of getting the best car remote start system isn’t in the price itself, rather it’s the installation cost. For example, when you purchase premium brands, the costs of installation are higher than the remote system itself. However, if you choose to buy a less expensive brand, the costs of installation will perhaps be four or even five times the price of buying.

It’s for this reason why it’s always important to consider the costs of installation and even the items that are advertised because some of them aren’t straightforward. Technically, if you lack enough experience or don’t know anything about remote control systems, then it’s best if you seek help from a professional.

Essentially, the option of installing a car remote system yourself isn’t very common because it could also lead to other problems and malfunctions. As a matter of fact, most manufacturers will not honor the warranty until you prove that you sought help from a professional installer. To ensure this doesn’t happen, most of the reputed brands have their own approved installation technicians who do the work for you after making a purchase.

What To Look For In The Best Remote Car Starter

Security Features

A car remote starter can add extra security features to prevent your ride from being stolen. Some of the gadgets can remotely disconnect your car’s ignition system and prevent it from being hotwired. Also, some feature alarms or the capability to be connected to existing alarm systems in your car.

Two-Way Connectivity

Although some remote starters use the simple one-way transmitter, others use the two-way system to send signals to your car. This allows for easy sending of information like alarms and temperature to be sent to your device from the car.

Smartphone Compatibility

In most cases, the best remote starters feature extra connectivity options that allow users to access different capabilities on your phone. This is very useful for viewing the data collected by the remote car starter on a bigger screen.

Ease Of Installation

The remote car starter kit you purchase and the car you install it on will dictate the challenges of installing the remote starter. Some older cars might require more adaptors. If you are not confident in installing the remote starter, or the installation process is very sophisticated, you should consider hiring a professional.

Final Thoughts

For a wide range of access features, the Viper 5806V takes the top spot on our list of the best remote starters. Having adequate functionality and information at your fingertips with no need for a connected smartphone app or buttons makes the remote car starter system much easier to use.