Looking to revamp your car? If so, why not try installing the best LED car interior lights? Yes, the LED lights will bring the oomph factor back and make your ride more lavish. Nevertheless, it’s important to only use premium quality LED lights so that the uniqueness of your car remains intact.

We’ve searched and handpicked the best LED lights for a car’s interior based on performance, color, and style. Keep reading to find some of the best interior car lights available online in Australia.

These are the lights you need to add a personal touch to your car and make your ride classier!

Our Top Picks

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  • Durable and flexible
  • Sound sync
  • Wireless remote control
  • Quick installation
  • Smart app control
  • DIY Mode
  • 4 music modes
  • 30 scene modes
  • Easy to install
  • Multicolor mode
  • Wireless remote control
  • Sound active function

Best LED Car Interior Lights

1. OPT7 Aura Interior Car Lights

OPT7 Aura Interior Car Lights: Enhance your car's ambiance with the top-rated OPT7 Aura LED car interior lights. Elevate your ride with customizable colors and a sleek design.

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Premium quality and ease of install are some of the reasons why the OPT7 Aura Interior Car Lights have made it to the top of our list. You can easily install the lighting system within 5 minutes by advanced installation with fuse adapters or the plug-and-play charger. With highly advanced dimming controls, you can access a wide range of color features.

In this car LED light, you’ll have a bass-activated tech through which you can flash the lights to the beats of music.

The premium quality light strips are flexible and can bend, twist or curve easily around surfaces. Not to mention that they are weather resistant. The car lights come with single-touch color selection, variable speed control, and multiple flashing modes as well as color diming.

The only downside to this car light is that the light is larger than many LED lights, which might cause constraints inside the car.

Key Features

  • Durable and flexible
  • Sound sync
  • Wireless remote
  • Quick installation


2. Govee Interior Car Lights

Govee Interior Car LightsCheck Price

This car light is a great way to add a personal touch to your car’s interior. It’s largely based on a single-line design that’s ideal for different models. The light strip usually comes with an app alongside the controller that you can easily control via your smartphone. You’ve got multiple color options and you can customize the LED colors in any way you like.

With a wide range of excellent present scene modes, you can drive in lightning that fits your mood or style. You can discover different scenes based on emotions, holidays, and nature to keep your vehicle’s interior vibrant, fun, and fresh.

As a water-resistant lighting system, you can use it both inside and outside your car. With a soundsync, you can easily sync music using the in-built mic sound-sensitive function.

Govee car lights usually come with RGB LED strips plus 16 million colors. This means you can create your own modes to boost your vehicle to perfection.

These car LED lights have a 12 Volts working voltage and are equipped with memory features and short circuit safety operated by vehicle charges. Also, it’s important to note that it’s safe, touchable, very low temperature, and waterproof.

Key Features

  • Smart app control
  • DIY Mode
  • 4 music modes
  • 30 scene modes


3. Fahren Interior Car Lights

Fahren Interior Car LightsCheck Price

Next on our list of the best LED car interior lights is a great lighting system from Fahren. These new LED lights adopt the newest 2-line design for vehicles and the installation process is pretty simple and easy, you only have to pass via the B-pillar.

Fahren designed this car interior light system with sound control in mind as the LED lights change color based on the selected music mode. With Fahren Interior Car Lights, you’ve got 34 different modes to choose from. You can easily switch different music modes, brightness, color, and microphone mode to whatever you find interesting.

The package includes 2 adhesive pads, 8 zip ties, 1 fuse, a manual, and the interior car lights. The good news is that the led light includes 16 million colors.

You can stick the LED light strip in any part of the car because it comes with adhesive pads. Therefore, it’s very easy to set up this car light system in any way you want.

Key Features

  • 16 million colors available
  • Music sync mode
  • 3 control methods
  • 2 lines design


4. Nilight 4PCS 48 LED Interior Lights

Nilight 4PCS 48 LED Interior LightsCheck Price

This top-notch Nilight LED interior Lighting system is a perfect way to improve your car’s interior design. It’s pretty easy to install because it comes with a user-friendly plug-and-play interface. You just have to plug the strip in place and place them on the desired part of your vehicle, and that’s it. It has a solid spectrum of colors that makes this product pretty appealing. The best thing about this lighting system is that it comes with a Sound Active Function. This means the lighting can change color with music or voice allowing you to enjoy color changes depending on the music mode you’ve set in your car.

You can also use the wireless remote control to adjust the brightness or change the color.

Flexibility is another great thing you’ll like about this LED light strip. You can twist or bend it in anyway you want. And can be used on different surfaces because it features options to personalize your car’s interior according to your needs. As mentioned earlier, you can use the wireless remote control to control the settings of music and light. It’s a waterproof lighting system, which gives you the peace of mind you need because it’s durable and safe.

Key Features

  • Easy to install
  • Multicolor mode
  • Wireless remote control
  • Sound active function
  • Premium quality material


5. EXPERTBEAM Interior Car Lights

EXPERTBEAM Interior Car LightsCheck Price

These Interior Car Lights provide 8 solid colors with adequate gradient lighting, allowing you to make your vehicle more personalized and attractive. Also, you can change or customize the color depending on your music beats to offer a more fun strobe effect. The good news is that these LED lights don’t need any sophisticated wiring, just insert the power plug inside the car’s 12V socket and then peel off the 3M double-sided tapes. You can then place the light strips anywhere you want in your car.

Key Features

  • Easy installation
  • Perfect vehicle decoration
  • Multicolor
  • App control


6. LEDCARE Car LED Strip Lights

LEDCARE Car LED Strip LightsCheck Price

The LEDCARE car LED strip lights to offer excellent interior lighting. They are different from the conventional lighting systems that drain your battery within a short period. There are fitted with multiple LEDs that are ideal for efficient lighting. The diodes give RGB, which allows you to change light color temperatures. Also, the wireless control is spectacular for keeping the lighting modes at their best. For music aficionados, these lighting strips have great sound-active effects. It’s fitted with sound sensors that allow the lights to synchronize with the music tempo. The lighting strip follows the music tempo and adjusts the flashing based on the strength of the sound.

There are different ways to use the lights, from the 12V from the car charge to the plug-and-play features, making it ideal for a wide range of cars.

Key Features

  • Tidy and safe
  • Sound Active Effects
  • 9 in 1 design
  • App control
  • 16 million colors


7. RIWNNI Interior Car Lights

RIWNNI Interior Car LightsCheck Price

The app and remote-controlled LED strip lights from RIWNNI is one of the top car interior lights available today. If you intend to arouse a romantic and beautiful atmosphere inside your car, you should check these LED strip lights out. Besides superb lighting, these great lights are impeccable car decoration accessories.

With the help of the sound-sensitive function, the lights come with an in-built highly sensitive microphone where the colors automatically change based on the music ambient/beats sound.

Unlike other light strip fixtures, these LED lights usually come with a battery that can be charged through the USB connector, which further minimizes the amount of heat emitted and also cuts down on their draw on the vehicle’s electrical system. The light strips are made with a very flexible material, that’s makes, them easy to customize as well as bend and twist around corners. As a result, you can install them anywhere you like inside your vehicle.

Key Features

  • USB powered
  • Timer function
  • Sync with music
  • Dual control
  • 2 in 1 line design


8. SS VISION Car Interior Lights

SS VISION Car Interior LightsCheck Price

Equipped with the latest design, the SS Vision LED Car Interior Lights are made to improve your car interior and work to protect the car lights. With a wide variety of color options, it’s very easy to control your car’s interior lighting. It can be controlled by a 20 key remote control, a 3 key control box, and an app. You just have to tap the button to change the music or color mode with a control box. The remote control is very useful and simple to use. Also, you can search on App Store or Google Play to download the app, it’s compatible with android and iPhone devices.

With this LED light system, you can enjoy the music concern in your car. The system includes an in-built high-sensitivity microphone, where the light changes with the rhythm of the music and the sound. Besides adding a spectacular ambiance to your car, it also makes your journey more enjoyable and exciting.

Key Features

  • Safe to use
  • DIY multi-color effect
  • Upgraded 2 line design
  • Triple control way


9. Sanhezhong USB Interior Car Lights

SS VISION Car Interior LightsCheck Price

The brand Sanhezhong made 4pcs 72 LEDs lighting system for the interior of your car keeping in mind the color-changing facilities and simplicity of installation. Based on your preferences, you can change the LED colors and control the brightness via the wireless music remote control. It can be installed in a wide range of cars. The sound-activated and ease of installation make it a great choice for your vehicle. Some of the significant qualities of this LED strip light are ultra-thin, water-resistant, UV resistant, highly flexible, and more. Besides cars, these interior LED lights can be used for trucks, SUVs, vans, and other car lighting-based apps.

The Sanhezhong car interior light package includes 1 adhesive strap, a USB cable, one music IR control box, 1 music remote control, and 2 car LED strip lights.

Key Features

  • Waterproof
  • Music remote control
  • USB port
  • Highly flexible


Best Car Interior Lights – Buyer Guide

If you’re trying to find a new way to bring a charming look to your car, LED strip lighting will do exactly that. Choosing the best-LED car interior lights is an easy and affordable way to add to your car’s appearance.

These are very iconic and allow the car to glow inside without unnecessarily damaging the vehicle battery based on the heavy drawing of charge. Lighting may be achieved by the lights mounted at the side, top, or bottom.

Also, the type of car you own will also play a role with regards to how the LED lights are mounted and directed. Take a closer look at our detailed buying guide and the items listed below to fit your car interior with the best car interior LED lights.

Factors To Consider When Buying Car LED Interior Lights

Essentially, you do not just wake up one day and head to the market to purchase the best LED strip light without thinking about what you want. In Australia, you can simply choose any of the car interior lights listed above and place an order online. It’s important to decide the type of LED light to buy depending on exactly what you want.

Modern LED strip lighting systems are filled with different kinds of smart technology that can considerably increase the outlook. When searching for the best LED lights for your car, you should consider the following features:


Installing the right LED car strip lights can be done in 3 simple steps. You should carefully consider these steps before making your final decision. For starters, you should be concerned about where the lights would be mounted. The LED strip lights are usually designed to work at specific locations and at different levels of colors, pitches, and volts.

Also, you need to consider whether you want an LED light strip that comes with an adhesive or one that you’ll have to find alternative ways to install.

Power Supply

Anything that’s applied to the car’s power supply has the potential of harming your car’s battery life. Systems in need of too much electricity might suck out the strength of your car and end up causing numerous unwanted problems. It’s for this reason why before purchasing the best LED lights for your car interiors you should consider the 12v car led strip lights.

Shock Resistance

Anything that uses power can easily short circuit when exposed to a wet surface and pose a lethal danger. When you compare different LED light strips, you should opt for one that’s shock-resistant.


Fortunately, most of the best car interior lights you find today are waterproof. However, besides being waterproof, it’s important that the light system you choose is completely weatherproof. Climate changes and temperature changes can easily damage the LED lights that aren’t weatherproof, even when they aren’t mounted on the car’s exterior.

Final Thoughts

Today, LED Car interior lights have increasingly become popular because of the strong user demand. Moreover, the LED lights is used as a motorcycle, bicycle, house, or in-room design and car accessories. The LED lights for the car interior are revolutionary because it transforms the boring drilling car into a fascinating machine.

It gives your car a cool factor and its existence back. Also, it would make you appear cool to your colleagues, as those LED lights can be incredibly appealing and stunning especially at night.

And to help you find the best LED car interior lights, our review team has worked around the clock from reviewing product quality to customer reviews, which can help make an informed decision.

LED interior Lights for Cars FAQs

Can I install LED lights inside my car?

Yes, you can install LED lighting systems inside your car without any challenges. In fact, it’s a great and fun idea that you can perform on your own without help from a professional. It’s one of the best ways to improve your car’s interior.

How much do the best LED lights for car interior cost?

The cost of the LED lights varies depending on the brand. However, the cost varies between $10 and $100 for different LED strip light systems.

Are LED lights for car interiors legal?

Even when the LED interior lights for a car are attractive, some states or countries ban residents from using them because it can impede safe driving or cause distraction to drivers. For instance, overhead lights and dome lights are forbidden in some jurisdictions.