If your truck or the car battery dies, the best portable jump starter in Australia can get you back on the road in few minutes, so you do not have to wait for Good Samaritan or roadside assistance with jumper cables. After researching different lithium-ion jump starters and the tested a few, we recommend the best portable jump starter. The best car jump starter should be easy to use and powerful enough to start most SUVs and cars, but small enough for you to safely store in your glove box and it has great safety features that keep you from hurting yourself or your car.

Our Top Picks

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  • Maximum versatility
  • Ultrasafe 2.0
  • Charge everything
  • Turbo chargeable
2 FNNMEGE 2000A Peak 21800mAh 12V Super Safe Car Jump Starter with USB Quick Charge 3 0 (Up to 8 0L Gas[...]
  • High peak and starter amps
  • In-built air compressor
  • LED light
  • Type C input & output
  • Super security and Ruggedness
  • Backup portable charger
  • Powerful & reliable

NOCO Boost HD GB70 Jump Starter


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First, on our list of the best portable jump starter, Australia is the NOCO Boost GB70 Jump Starter. It’s a durable jump starter that’s ideal for every situation. The model generates a whooping 1,000A at peak current. This is enough to start a 6.5-liter and 4 gasoline and diesel engines. A single charge gives NOCO Boost GB70 Jump Starter enough power for about 20 jump starts. The starter features a foolproof design that’s combined with reverse polarity protection and spark-proof technology. Therefore, you can connect to the battery without having to worry about any safety issues.

It’s ideal incase of an emergency, as it also acts as a portable power bank and has a built-in 100 lumen LED flashlight. One of the features that make this model stand out is its portability, only measuring 25 x 25 x 25 millimeters, meaning you can easily store it in your glovebox. The jump-start case is IP65 approved, which means it’s waterproof and ideal for use in any situation. Nevertheless, we would not advise letting it get soaked.

Key Features

  • Durable and reliable
  • IP65 rating
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Performs about 20 starts on one charge

NOCO Boost X GBX75 Jump Starter

NOCO GENIUS2 Jump StarterCheck Price

The Noco Boost X GBX75 jump starter is the perfect blend of power and portability. At its peak, the jump starter can start with 8 liters gasoline engines and up to 6 liters diesel engines. Therefore, unless you’ve got a very big engine, this model has got you covered. The Li-ion battery can perform about 40 jump starts on one charge and only takes 2 hours to completely recharge.

There is a waterproof over molded casing that gives the model an IP65 rating and makes it pretty reliable and durable. It comes with a mistake-proof design, alongside reverse polarity protection and spark-proof technology, meaning you can securely jump-start the engine each time. Every time you consider how much power it offers, it is hard to believe the model weighs 5 pounds and that the dimensions are 8.7 x 10.8 x 17.7 centimeters. Incase of an emergency, you will be grateful for the strong 400-lumen LED flashlight with 7 modes. The single issue with the jump starter is the cost.

You’ll be glad to find that this jump starter is designed specially for 12V and 6V lead-acid automotive, deep cycle batteries, and marine batteries including maintenance-free, AGM, Gel, Flooded, and lithium-ion batteries.

Key Features

  • Restore your battery
  • Charge dead batteries
  • Enjoy precision charging
  • Designed for 12-V and 6-V lead-acid battery

Rezervo Batteryless Jump Starter

Rezervo Batteryless Jump StarterCheck Price

Rezervo packs great features into its Batteryless Jump Starter. The premium quality unit came in a well zippered hard case with 12V adapters for quick home recharging.

The jump cable quality was one step above others and the boost control module feature extensive buttons and bright, clearly labeled indicator lights.

One of the good things about the Rezervo Batteryless Jump Starter is that it is easy to use. The jump-start is maintenance-free and comes with many years of shelf life. It comes with instant recharging without having to wait endless hours in order to recharge like the conventional jump starters that have built-in internal batteries. The reverse polarity and safe short circuit protect against any damage if connected to the wrong terminal.

FNNEMGE Jump Starter

FNNMEGE Jump StarterCheck Price

Impressive power in a smaller package makes the boost fitted FNNEMGE Jump Starter a great value. If you’re looking for a great jump starter, then you can’t go wrong with the FNNEMGE Jump Starter portable car battery jump starter. The model is pretty exceptional and still manages to provide similar features as its premium quality rivals. At its charging peak, the device current reaches 2000A and according to the parent company, it has enough power to start a 6.5-liter diesel and 8-liter gasoline engine. This model has a quick charge technology that allows it to start engines even in low temperatures.

You can use the jump starter to power different devices. Also, it has a LED torch with SOS and strobe functions. There are many safety features to give you the peace of mind you need including over-voltage, overload, over-current, and short circuit protection.

Key Features

  • High peak and starter amps
  • In-built air compressor
  • LED light

OzCharge Battery-Less Jump Starter

OzCharge Battery-Less Jump StarterCheck Price

The determined and consistent jump-starting performance earned OzCharge Battery Less Jump Starter a slot on our list of the best portable jump starter in Australia. The simple, rugged and 100% automatic oZCharge RM1000 did not have many secondary features or charging ports as the rest of this pack, but it didn’t them to turn over the engine.

It only took a few tries to fire the engine. A single OzCharge RM1000 doesn’t have any output port, but as one of the most popular jump starters, its long, heavy measuring gauge battery cable stomped the competition. The jump-start comes with a charging cable and a storage pouch.

The OzCharge might be slightly expensive than others, but it’s worthwhile. You’ll be glad to find out that the jump starter can start 10L gas and petrol engines. Also, it can start 5 liters of diesel engines within 90 seconds.

Key Features

  • Read on less than 2 minutes
  • Starts 5 liters diesel engines
  • Starts 10 liters gas & petrol engines
  • 1000Amps

GOOLOO 4000A Portable Car Jump Starter

GOOLOO 4000A Portable Car Jump StarterCheck Price

If you’re looking for a real lifesaver, then you should choose the GooLoo Upgraded 1200A Peak 18000mAh car jump starter. It’s a great power pack with about a 1200A peak current. It can jump-start many 12V cars with up to 5.5 liters or 7.0 liters of gas. It will fully charge your battery in less than 5 hours and can hold the charge for 3 months.

With a high-end manufacturing process, the GOOLOO shell jump starter power pack is pretty smooth and has a superb touch. With this jump starter, you’ll enjoy a great deal of convenience, it’s only 6.18×2.95×1.42inches in size and weighs 1.19lbs.

The good news is that it can also be used as a power bank. This means you can use it to charge many devices using the USB output ports or the 12V 10A output utilizing the cigarette lighter socket. The fast charge 3.0 USB port charges all your devices quickly and is fully compatible with nearly all USB devices, including digital cameras, kindles, tablets, and cell phones. The bright LED work light has three modes: SOS Light, Strobe Light, and Flashlight. This multifunctional flashlight is ideal for emergencies, power failures, travel, and camping.

One important thing to note is that the smart jump start cable features many highly advanced safety technologies including high-temperature protection, over-charge protection, over-voltage protection, overload protection, and over-current protection.

Key Features

  • Type C input & output
  • Super security and Ruggedness
  • Backup portable charger
  • Powerful & reliable

FCONEGY 400A Peak Portable Car Jump Starter

FCONEGY 400A Peak Portable Car Jump StarterCheck Price

Looking for a more pocket-friendly car jump starter? If so, the FCONEGY 400A Peak Portable Car Jump Starter is what you need. This model provides up to 400 amps at the peak current, so you can quickly charge all 5.3L diesel and 6.5L gas engines. It will perform up to 4 jump-starts on one single charge. One of the main benefits of this jump starter is that is lightweight and small in size, which makes it easier to carry around.

It has different advanced protection systems: over-current, reverse-polarity, over-charge, over-discharge, over-temperature, reverse-charge, and short-circuit. The jump starter is made of high-quality and durable ABS material on the surface and good insulation.

Key Features

  • Anti-recharge function
  • Advanced intelligent protection
  • Durable material

GOOLOO Upgraded 1200A Portable Car Jump Starter

GOOLOO Upgraded 1200A Portable Car Jump StarterCheck Price

If you value portability, check out GOOLOO’s upgraded 1200A car jump starter. The unit measures 6.18×2.95×1.42inches, which makes it one of the smallest models on this list of the best portable jump starter in Australia. Because it weighs a minuscule 1.19lbs, you can easily carry this portable car jump starter in your backpack. At peak charge, the device generates 1200A amps. According to the parent company, this jump starter is powerful enough to start gasoline engines up to 7 liters gas or 5.5-liter diesel or oil boat, snowmobiles, ATVs, cargo vans, lawnmowers, light-duty trucks, tractors, RV, or motorcycles.

With the high-end manufacturer, GOOLOO portable jump starter power pack is pretty smooth and has a top-notch touch. With the 3.0 charging ports, this product can be used to charge numerous devices including digital cameras, kindles, tablets, and cell phones.

It also comes with a great LED light that can be used as a flashlight for emergencies, power failures, travel, and camping.

Key Features

  • Easy to use
  • LED flashlight
  • Can be used as a power bank
  • Highly advanced design

Portable Jump Starter Buying Guide

There are many jump starters available out there and if you don’t really know what you are looking for, you might end up paying for things you do not even need. Here you will find some of the most important features to consider, so you can choose those that are more important for you. Also, check out the FAQ section to find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

What to look for in the best car jump starters

Quality Of Battery

As well all know, batteries usually degrade over time, this is something you can ignore. How you handle the battery and the temperatures you use the batteries in will typically determine how long the battery will last. Nevertheless, a low-quality battery will have a very short life. You should check out user highlights to find out what other people have to say about the battery.

Size Of The Battery

The best portable jump-starts like those listed here are powered by a rechargeable battery. Some jump starters will have large batteries than rivals. Technically, the larger the battery you’re using, the more times it will be able to jump-start the engine on one charge. Therefore, if you do not want the stress of keeping the jump starter topped up or have to jump-start the car frequently, you need to get yourself a larger battery.


We usually measure the power of the jump-start in Amps. You’ll find the exact figure referenced in the starter’s peak power, but the most important is the amps. Unfortunately, most manufacturers do not list the number of amps. Therefore, just be aware that as the peak power increase, so does the amps.

The jump starter usually comes with an easy-to-understand reference guide with reference to what the size of the engine is ideal for. The diesel engine requires more power than its gasoline peers. Therefore, before you pick the best jump starter, consider the engine size you’ll be jumping.


The jump starters usually come in all sizes and shapes. It’s always important to ensure you have one at home incase the vehicle does not start, but battery problems do not always strike home. Therefore, it’s more beneficial to you to have a jump starter that you can easily keep in your glovebox or trunk. Some starters are the same size as your smartphone; so if you value portability, check the weight and unit dimensions before buying.

Safety Features

It’s without a doubt that safety is important when handling high voltage car batteries. Try getting a car jump starter with safety features that protect yourself and the device. One of the many essential features to look out for is short circuit protection. The short circuit can cause the battery to explode or even damage your jump starter. Also, you can prioritize the jump starter with overcharge protection as the feature automatically stops charging because the feature will stop charging your device automatically once the battery is full, which further extends the lifespan of the battery.


Some car battery starts may be neatly tucked away in the cupboard, but many of them live a very rough life. You need to get yourself a durable model to ensure it’s 100% ready to deliver every time you need it. Essentially, you need to look for units with the IP rating. In this market, the maximum rating you are most likely to find is the IP65, so this is what you should try to aim for. While this rating might make the device waterproof and ideal for all-weather usage, you can always avoid letting the car jump starter soaked.

Secondary Features

Most portable jump starters usually come with different secondary features that make them ideal for emergencies. They will most likely be able to function as the power bank. If this is something you value, check out models with a 3.0 charging port so you can quickly charge your devices. Also, you can get jump starters with LED flashlights that have both SOS and strobe modes.


Types of Jump Starter

After you’ve considered the features you want in a jump starter, it’s important to check the different types of jump starters available out there. These include:

A Jump Starter

As the name suggests, the jump starter gives your vehicle a jump, allowing it to turn ON. Once the jump is done, the vehicle’s alternator takes over and charges the car as you drive.

Battery Charger

Unlike the jump starter, the battery charge recharges your vehicle’s battery, which makes it one of the best car accessories in different situations.

Final Thoughts

There are lots of things to look into when looking for the best portable jump starter in Australia. We believe after reading this comprehensive guide, you now know more about what to look for. The good news is that there are many options available on the market, so, regardless of what you’re searching for, you should find a product that suits your budget and needs.

Overall, the GOOLOO upgraded 1200A car jump starter is our top pick. This model is dependable, durable, portable, and ideal for most car engines. However, if you’re on a tighter budget, check out FCONEGY 400A Peak Portable Car Jump Starter.