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  • The safety steering wheel with lock has a solid structure to protect your car from theft. This locks your steering wheel and seat belt socket at the same time.
  • Anti-theft seat belt locks are suitable for most cars. Up to 17" length to lock your steering wheel and seat. It is recommended to adjust the seat position for a tight lock.
  • This safety lock is small in size and light in weight. Quick installation and removal in seconds. Flexible and convenient.
  • Before getting out of the car, the anti-theft seat belt lock can lock your handbag together on the seat. Great deterrent to uninvited guests and avoid your bag being stolen.
  • Easy to use, one simple pull does the trick.
  • Rubberized coating protects your vehicle's steering wheel while in use.
  • Adjustable design fits virtually all makes and models.
  • Maximum span for this lock is 14 inches. Fully extended overall length is 26.75 inches, folding size minimum to 19.25 inches in total length.
  • Made of zinc alloy, it feels comfortable, durable, lightweight and portable.
  • Exquisite and compact design, more convenient to use. It is easy to place, does not take up space, and is always available.
  • Built-in magnet, increased weight, stable and durable
  • Whether it is reversing, turning, sharp turning or parking, it will bring you a good driving experience, and you can drive easily.
  • It is compatible with the standard steering wheel of the car(For Tesla).
  • Easy to install, just clamp the steering wheel booster, you can freely adjust the size of the steering wheel to fit the car.
  • Brand new and high quality
  • Double hook double protection can reduce the risk of theft, high-strength soft rubber handle, avoid scratching the steering wheel
  • It is not only a safety car lock, but also a safety hammer. , It can be used as a self-defense weapon and safe escape from broken windows.
  • Thick material, sturdy stainless steel lock beam, better anti-theft effect
  • Retractable, better storage
  • The lock with high quality hardened steel molding so that it can resist prying, sawing, hammering, and freon attacks. The durable lock core is designed to increase strength, provide low interturn rate, high strength handle, avoid scratching steering wheel. The service life lasted for up to 10 years.
  • The Steering Wheel Lock is highly visible and provides a strong visual deterrent that alerts a potential thief that your car is protected.
  • Steering Wheel Lock is virtually impossible to defeat and time and effort are a thief's enemies.
  • The new and improved solid steel hooks provide even greater security.
  • Easy and convenient to operate.The lock can be adjusted and is suitable for most vehicles.
  • Multi-purpose use.It's not only a security car lock, but also a safety hammer.The lock has a solid lock body, in addition to the anti-theft, can also used as a self-defense weapon and smash the window for safety escape.
  • T-lock:The lock on the steering wheel has three forks and the lock handle can clamp the car body, the steering wheel can not rotate, anti-theft, greatly improve anti-theft performance.
  • Three-direction locking: The thief must cut off the left right and below sides of the steering wheel at the same time, then he could remove the lock. According to the test, it will take 45 minutes to cut three bars, and most thieves usually give up in 5 minutes without opening the lock.
  • With configure alarm system.After locking, the function starts in 8s, and the red light of the alarm lock flashes, When there is a slight shake, the alarm lock will continue to emit 25s 130 db alarm sound.
  • Color: As shown.
  • Material: Aluminum alloy.
  • Size: About 45 x 6 x 3 cm.
  • Soft coated clamp will not scratch or damage wheels or rims and clamps tight to wheel for added safety.
  • Easy to store, light-weight versatile, very simple and convenient to set up.
  • Highly visible due to bright colors.
  • It fit most vehicles including cars, trucks, SUV, Golf Carts, trailers, go karts.
  • 100% brand new and high quality
  • Simple to use, highly visible, easy to use
  • Built-in stainless steel wire, difficult to cut with a saw
  • Widely used for all scooters, motorcycles and ATVs
  • Stops embarrassing falls - Unlike disc locks, you can't forget it's in place, no bending, no disc dirt or street grime.
  • Key not required to lock.
  • Twist grip sizes from 27-38mm
  • Used on the front brake lever will keep the bike from being pushed off the centre or side stand
  • Used on the rear brake lever will hold the back tyre from spinning allowing for the loosening or re-torquing of the clutch nut when doing belt, clutch and variator maintenance
  • Color: Silver.
  • Material: Steel and zinc alloy.
  • Size: About 17.00X12.00X10.00cm/6.68X4.72X3.93inch.
  • Easy to store, light-weight versatile, very simple and convenient set up.
  • It fit most vehicles including cars, trucks, SUV and so on.
  • Compact size and light weight, convenient to carry and use.
  • It suitable cars, trucks clutch pedal, accelerator.
  • Made from material, it can use for a longer time.
  • The use of high-grade lock core, tamper-proof, anti foil, violence unlock.
  • Anti - abrasion sponge pad, close to the lock, protect the steering wheel from scratch.
  • The inner column is made of advanced fine steel material, wrapped with high quality soft PVC plastic for external use, and is safe against sawing.
  • Human physiology streamlining design, comfortable, and do not hurt instrument platform. A simple way to enhance anti theft security
  • Adjustable Shape
  • The product is made of high-quality foamed cotton with soft and comfortable feel, which plays a cushioning and protective role. The built-in special alloy can be twisted and bent at will, which can be reset after use and is easy to use.
  • Environmental Protection Material
  • Environmental protection material built-in special soft alloy soft and hard moderate, does not hurt the steering wheel.
  • High-Tech Colors
  • The beauty is generous
  • Give the steering wheel a more appropriate match
  • Contrast with the suction ring
  • The flexible bar is tightly wound and can be used in multiple models.
  • The suction ring is easy to drop and may not be the right size.
  • Length adjustment does not affect the use of steering wheel cover

Cars are expensive and you don’t want to get back to the parking lot only find it’s not there. We always do our best to take good care of our cars and we strive to keep them safe. The issue is that there are numerous people who try to break into vehicles and steal them. It’s for this reason why many people are turning to the best steering wheel locks for help.

There are hundreds of steeling wheel locks available in the market today. If you buy a top-rated steering wheel lock, then you can feel confident knowing your car is safely parked somewhere.

However, how do you find the best steering wheel locks?

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the best steering locks available online in Australia today. We’ve also highlighted some important information about steering wheel locks and how you can use them.

Keep reading to learn how you can best protect your car and keep it safe.

Best Steering Wheel Locks

1. Disklok Security Lock Accessory Pack

Disklok Security Lock Accessory Pack

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First on our list of the best steering wheel locks is the Disklok security lock accessory park for the ultimate car protection. Although this is an expensive option, this steering wheel lock features a great design that protects your car’s spins and airbag when attacked in order to prevent a person from trying to drive off with the vehicle.

This steering wheel lock is available in 3 sizes and can accommodate several steering wheels ranging between 13.7 to 17.3 inches in diameter. Also, you’ll like the fact that this car lock comes with a 3-year mechanical warranty. This security lock accessory is designed specifically to help in stopping keyless entry car stealing, a rising trend amongst car thieves.

Also, it comes with 3 keys and is made of steel to offer extra protection. Nevertheless, it comes with some of the heaviest models in the roundup at about 8.82 pounds.

Key Features

  • 3-year mechanical warranty
  • Available in 3 sizes
  • Protects airbag
  • Enclosed wheel lock designs


  • Hardened steel design
  • Comes with 3 keys
  • Created to prevent keyless entry theft


  • Heavy design

2. The Club 1000 Original Club Steering Wheel Lock

The Club 1000 Original Club Steering Wheel Lock

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The club is a popular steering wheel lock and one of the fan’s favorites amongst automotive antitheft brands available out there. The 1000 original club steering wheel lock is well designed to offer extra protection by offering a dual-pronged design, which makes it harder for thieves to defeat this lock.

As with other common locks from this popular brand, it’s made of plastic-coated and sturdy steel for preventing damage to your steering wheel. Nevertheless, this choice may be installed and also locked into place with no key.

However, you’ll be required to have a key in order to remove it. The Club 1000 lock provides a universal fit for SUVs, trucks, and cars with a maximum opening of about 14.4 inches. We’ve noticed that the most common complaints regarding this lock largely centered on forgetting the right keys for unlocking it. And in lesser frequency, some customers said that the bar could at times experience fatigue and even bend over time.

Key Features

  • Plastic coating for damage prevention
  • Maximum opening of about 14.4 inches
  • Universal fit for SUVs, trucks, and cars
  • Dual hook design


  • $1800 guarantee
  • Steel construction
  • Single hook design


  • The rubber exterior might cause more damage to the steering wheel

3. Vechkom Steering Wheel Lock Universal Security Car

Vechkom Steering Wheel Lock Universal Security Car

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For individuals with cars, which don’t have car alarms, this steering wheel lock by Vechkm can be a great option. Besides providing a crossbar, which lies across the car’s dash, there is an inbuilt car alarm, which produces about 130 sound decibels.

The pick promises to provide the universal fit, even though we’ve also noted that a few people with older cars from the 80s struggled in order to get your lock to properly clamp on the crossbar or the steering wheel to securely lay across the car’s dashboard.

On the other hand, this solid heat-treated bar is very easy to install and also features a universal fit. The lock’s interior is lined with leather for protecting the steering wheel from any damage. On the other hand, the compact design even makes it easy to store between various uses.

Key Features

  • Solid heat-treated steel construction
  • Universal fit
  • Easy to install
  • Includes inbuilt 130-decibel alarm


  • Compact design for easier storage
  • Comes with 2 keys
  • Leather lined for protecting car interiors


  • Might not be the best option for older cars with thin steering wheels

4. Master Lock 249EURDAT Heavy Duty Steering Wheel Lock

Master Lock 249EURDAT Heavy Duty Steering Wheel Lock

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From the creators of the classic locks we have used on the lockers comes the popular quad hook traditional bar steering wheel lock for the car. Technically, the quad hook provides extra durability and is well designed that fit cars with wheels of about 13.5 inches in diameter.

You will enjoy very easy installation alongside the corrosion-resistant materials for extra durability. Another great feature is that if tested, the lock works even after experiencing several cut attempts. Moreover, with the slimmer design, you can store it in the vehicle or trunk when not in real use. Nevertheless, at about 10.5 pounds, this is one of the heavier locks we’ve seen.

Key Features

  • Easy installation
  • Can fit steering wheels of up to 13.5 inches
  • Conventional bar lock design
  • Quad hooks for the steering wheel


  • Slim design for easier storage
  • Still operational
  • Constructed from corrosion-resistant materials


  • Heavyweight

5. The Club 1103 LX Series Steering Wheel Lock

The Club 1103 LX Series Steering Wheel Lock

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The Club is perhaps one of the most reliable brands for vehicle security since they make high-quality products that work pretty well for car owners. This steering wheel lock is a conventional bar lock, which provides a great universal fit. This lock can easily accommodate different steering wheels from between 10 and 19 inches in diameter.

The high-quality cro-moly steel build is designed to last long, whereas the 4.5 pounds makes this easier for any person to use. You will get a set of laser-encrypted keys for unlocking this lock, which offers a self-locking design for easier installation.

The main concern we’ve found was that a few users might have experienced minor markings on the steering wheel since it has a rubberized exterior.

Key Features

  • Lightweight design
  • High-quality cro-moly steel construction
  • Traditional bar lock
  • Universal fit


  • Easy to install and remove
  • Self-locking design
  • Laser encrypted keys


  • Might cause more marks on the steering wheel

6. Stoplock ‘Professional’ – Steering Wheel Lock for Cars

Stoplock 'Professional' - Steering Wheel Lock for Cars

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This lock provides a universal fit that greatly works with SUVs, cars, and trucks.

The telescopic handle could be adjusted in order to shift from 13.8 inches to 33.5 inches in length. Also, we like the fact that the lock features a great space-saving design when not being used. Another great feature you’ll like is the fact that the lock features a safety hook that might be used in case of an emergency either for defense or when you have to exit the car through the window.

You should also be aware of the fact that this security car lock features a low-profile color scheme, which might not be visible from the car exteriors. Therefore, a thief might try entering the car before they realize the steering wheel is locked.

Key Features

  • Can also be used as a safety tool
  • Comes with 3 keys
  • Adjustable and universal fit
  • A wheel pedal locking design


  • Made of steel, alloy, and aluminum
  • Could be attached to the clutch or brake
  • Features a tape for protecting the interior


  • Low profile color scheme might not prevent the thief from accessing your car

7. Pengxian Universal Car Steering Wheel Lock

Pengxian Universal Car Steering Wheel Lock

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The Pengxian provides an extensive variety of steering wheel locks. For individuals who prefer a more conventional bar design, this choice could also have extra value for serving as an emergency tool and self-defense. Also, you must find the best safety hammer that you can use for breaking the glass if there’s an emergency.

Also, there’s a hook that might be utilized as self-defense, whenever necessary. This single hook design is pretty easy to install and provides a great fit that’s compatible with SUVs, trucks, and cars.

Its made of premium quality round steel and can easily resist Freon, hammering, sawing, and voyeurism attacks. The small double spring lock type is designed in order to prevent professional car stealers. The steering wheel lock extends between 17.3 and 27.5 inches for numerous cars.

Key Features

  • Premium quality aluminum alloy
  • A lever can extend from 17.3 to 27.5 inches
  • Safety hammer function
  • Traditional bar design


  • Slim design for easier storage
  • Rubberized prongs
  • Includes high-quality protective pads


  • Extra safety features might cause damage to the car interiors

8. Zone Tech Car Steering Wheel Lock

Zone Tech Car Steering Wheel Lock

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The mere fact that you are working with a limited budget doesn’t necessarily mean that you want to risk your car getting stolen. The Zone Tech car steering wheel lock is quite affordable, but it’s also a great way of deterring thieves from trying to steal your car. The easy to install and simple design is made with a universal fit for many steering wheels. The steering wheel lock works by attaching the lock to the upper part of the steering wheel to ensure the bright yellow steel bar perfectly sits over the car dash, further preventing the steering wheel from moving. The lock is made of high-quality hardened steel for extra durability.

The compact design makes it easier to keep away when not being used.

Key Features

  • Great visibility design to deter theft
  • Hardened steel construction
  • Easier to install design
  • Almost universal fit for many steering wheels


  • Compact design that’s very easy to install
  • The key design which is very hard to duplicate


  • Might not work on thick steering wheels

Is A Car Steering Wheel Worth It?

The main reason you should consider buying the steering wheel lock is for protecting the car from getting stolen. Even if someone gains access to your car, they cannot do anything to get away with it because of the presence of the car lock. It’s an efficient method to keep your car away from thieves. The presence of a car steering wheel makes it impractical for any person to steal your vehicle.

The effort might take for removing the lock makes it in such a manner that the car can’t be stolen easily. Many car thieves won’t even know the best way to circumvent such type of lock. This makes the steering wheel lock a practical purchase. You can also add one of the locks to your vehicle to make it much easier to feel comfortable even when leaving the car in the parking lot.

If you work or live in an area that puts your vehicle at risk, then buying the best car lock will make things easier for you. Most people choose to purchase the locks and put them inside their cars when they are working. Also, it’s easier to use the lock to always keep your car safe even while shopping. The safety device that’s going to be very useful for just about everyone.

Features To Consider While Buying Steering Wheel Locks

If you’re still concerned about losing your vehicle to criminals, and you are prepared to add some extra security layer by investing in the best steering wheel lock, then there are several factors to consider:


A great look must be made of high-quality materials that cannot be defeated by the thief. Basically, prioritize the car locks made from the steel when installed properly, they could essentially be removed via brute force using the saw.

Moreover, you want a great lock, which is durable and doesn’t need frequent replacing. On the other hand, the clock should not cause any damage to the steering wheel. Keep in mind that if you are the kind of person who frequently travels by car, you’ll be using the lock a few times every day.

Easier To Use

You don’t want a steering wheel lock that is hard to install and even hard to remove. The thieves won’t just be stopped, but you will also struggle to drive off after returning to the car. On the other, you won’t want to use it every time you leave the car.

Although the lock should be easier for all car owners to use, it should not be easier for the thief to breakthrough. You desire a steering lock that is well designed to discourage people from trying to access your car. Whether you choose the enclosed wheel, pedal lock, wheel, or bar, ensure the process of installation and removal is pretty easy and something that you’d like to manage consistently.


Although the primary point of the steering wheel lock is preventing thieves from stealing your car, the other element is that it must also be a great visual deterrent. Keep in mind that not all car locks are designed in such a way that they can be seen from outside the car.

This means that in a few cases, some might have already gained access to your car before knowing that the steering wheel lock has been installed. Based on the used entry method, this could result in costly damages like a broken door lock system and a broken window. Therefore, if that’s not what you want, you should prioritize car locks, which can be easily seen via the car windows.


Not every steering wheel lock usually comes with a guarantee. One important thing you’ll appreciate is that a guarantee is a useful incentive. Technically, the guarantee promises that in case the lock gets defeated and the car is stolen, you’ll get the money you spent on the lock back, but also helps pay towards various insurance deductibles.

In a few cases, the warranty or guarantee would be for about 10 years. Presuming you keep the car for that period, then the guarantee would be for the ownership period, which could be a very powerful impact on the steering wheel lock you choose.

Bottom Line

You should go beyond just locking doors to protect your car. Although our top pick for the best steering wheel locks features a twin hook design, which provides extra security, the best price pick provides peace of mind thanks to the dashboard crossbar, high visibility color, and a universal fit.

Now that you’ve read through this article, we hope you’ve found all the information you need to understand exactly how steering wheel locks work and what you should do if you want to buy one.