Car accessories can add comfort and convenience to your driving experience. On average, Australians spend 48 minutes commuting each day, and this is just for work. That is to say, whether it’s a cup holder for your morning coffee, or a steering wheel cover for those cold mornings, these things will only make life easier and prepare you for whatever comes your way.
To add, if your car is old or new, these awesome accessories work with most cars. Not all of us can afford a new car every few years, and that’s when these useful accessories can serve as an upgrade. If you’re only looking to transform the look of your old car, you can use this guide to create your own tire stickers.
In short, you’ll want to make sure you’re comfortable every kilometer of the way, whether you’re traveling to work, a weekend getaway, or bringing the grandkids out for the day. You don’t need to go overboard and splurge on unnecessary things as most of these accessories are affordable, essential, and useful.

Best Car Accessories On Amazon

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1 Handheld vacuun cleaner for car with three all purpose nozzle and bag
  • Portable and handheld
  • 3 all-purpose nozzles
  • One spare HEPA filter
#1 Best Seller
2 Car trunk organizer on backseat with eight deep pockets
  • Waterproof
  • 8 deep pockets
  • Machine washable
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ThisWorx Portable Vacuum Cleaner For Car

If you have kids, you know you need this. Above all, with more than one hundred thousand ratings, this vacuum comes highly recommended. It can be hard to clean crumbles from the Tim Tams you ate two weeks back. Reaching beneath the seat or cleaning your upholstery won’t be a problem with its 16 feet long wire and replaceable equipment. To sum it up, it’s small, dependable, and simple to use.

Other features of ThisWorx Portable Vacuum Cleaner for Car:

  1. This portable vacuum weighs only 1.09 kg and comes with a bag for easy storage
  2. It’s tiny but powerful with 106W & 8.8 amps motor and metal turbine
  3. It comes with a long elastic hose that is compatible with a brush and tube nozzle (included in the package)
  4. A small brush to clean the filter so you don’t get your hands dirty
  5. The HEPA filter is washable


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FirstE Bluetooth FM Transmitter For Every Car

This small yet effective Bluetooth vehicle kit allows you to stream music and calls straight from your Bluetooth handset to your car’s FM radio system, making driving more enjoyable and safer. In addition, you also get the option of playing music from your micro SD card or TF card.

Other features of FirstE Bluetooth FM Transmitter

  1. FM transmitter
  2. Hands-free calls
  3. Bluetooth receiver streaming music
  4. Dual USB car charger for fast charging


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Wuteku Magnetic Dashboard Mount Kit

Firstly, if you’ve been looking for the best magnetic phone mount, don’t look further. It is top-rated by Uber drivers and has over 9000 ratings on Amazon. Strong magnets secure your phone and allow you to adjust its orientation horizontally or vertically. Finally, it is ideal when using the phone for Google Maps or making calls while driving! I believe these are the two important reasons you need a phone mount in the first place. Compatible with all phones and ensures that your eyes are on the road. 

Other features of Wuteku Magnetic Dashboard Mount Kit:

  1. Affordable and easy to mount a phone or tab
  2. Compatible with all smartphones
  3. Secures your mobile in place with tilt and rotate function
  4. Keeps your phone in sight and hands-free
  5. Highly rated by Uber drivers


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Surdoca Car Trunk Organizer and Storage Bag with Lids

If you have a lot of stuff to store in your car, like winter tools, cleaning supplies, emergency tool kits, extra clothing, etc., this trunk organizer will transform the mess into neatly organized storage. The only thing to consider would be that your backseat and trunk are through to install it hassle-free.

Other features of the Surdoca Car Trunk Organizer:

  1. It’s waterproof and durable with 8 deep, strong pockets
  2. Machine washable
  3. Easy to install if your backseat and trunk are through


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FineGood Sunglass Holder for Car Sun Visor

When you leave your sunglass anywhere in your car, except a sunglasses holder, chances are it won’t last long. For instance, the dashboard or armrest will damage your sunglasses, and so can the glovebox. However, if you want to protect your sunglasses from falling, breaking, and scratching but don’t want to spend too much, this is the best option for you.

Other features of FineGood Sunglass Holder for Car Sun Visor:

  1. It comes in a pack of two, each can hold two sunglasses
  2. Suitable for all sunglasses
  3. Its soft material does not leave marks on the sun visor or sunglasses.
  4. Provides easy access to your sunglasses 


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What are some fun car accessories?

The right accessories can make your car look cool, modern, and funky. You may consider adding cool car accessories like interior and exterior LED lights for a funky vibe. However, if you’re going for modern and trendy, tire stickers can make your car look more expensive.


EJ’s Super Car LED Strip Light

This light will change the atmosphere of your car! You can go from work to party mode in a second. Simply follow the easy installation steps and modify the interior feel of your car. 

Other features of EJ’s Super Car LED Strip Light:

  1. It has 4 pcs including 36 LEDs with 8 color options
  2. It’s waterproof and fits all cars
  3. The lights change with the music when the sensor is placed on or near speakers
  4. Wireless remote control


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AstroAI Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

Maintaining appropriate tire pressure is a simple maintenance task that is critical to your safety. Therefore, use a tire pressure gauge to check the pressure of your tires at least once a month to help keep them in good shape. Before checking the tire pressure, however, ensure that your car has been parked for at least three hours.

Other features of AstroAI Digital Tire Pressure Gauge:

  1. Easy to use, compact and portable
  2. Backlit LCD display and Light in nozzle ensures visibility in dimly lit areas
  3. Button for on and off and automatically shuts down if not used for 30-40 seconds


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TICARVE Cleaning Gel for Car

Car dust cleaning gel is ideal for cleaning the nooks and corners in your vehicle. Cleaning air vents using gel cleaner is a wonderful way to get inside the vents and small cracks of your car. Simply push the vehicle vent cleaner on the dust surface and slowly peel out the car cleaning gel to remove the filth. To clarify, cleaning gel for cars can be used repeatedly until the color of the cleaner jelly cleaner darkens. Do not store it in high temperatures.

Other features of TICARVE Cleaning Gel for Car:

  1. Designed specifically to clean dust, hair, and corners
  2. It is reusable
  3. It is sticky on the surface and dirt but not on your hands


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What should you always have in your car?

  • 1 Compact USB car charger with two ports Amazon's Choice
    • Compact USB car charger
    • Two USB ports
    • Certified safe for you and your device
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  • 2 Orange car escape tool set of two
    • Set of two
    • Two-in-one function to break a glass and cut seat belt
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  • 3 Red and black car jump starter #1 Best Seller
    • Advanced protection technology
    • Multi purpose
    • Works with other external devices
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Anker 24W Dual USB Car Charger

To begin with, you realize the importance of a car charger only when you most need it but don’t have it. If you use navigation apps regularly, you know that they drain your battery quickly. The advanced charging technology of this car charger provides fast charging. 

Other features of Anker 24W Dual USB Car Charger:

  1. Compact USB car charger
  2. Two USB ports
  3. Certified safe for you and your device
  4. LED light for night visibility


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Blueskysea B1W WiFi Mini Dash Cam For Car

This wifi-enabled dash cam lets you access footage and change settings from your mobile phone. With its 1080p resolution, it provides clear images and videos. 

Other features of Blueskysea B1W WiFi Mini Dash Cam For Car:

  1. Stealthy due to its small size
  2. Provides 360-degree rotation
  3. Secure dual supercapacitors for hot environments


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Emergency Escape Tool

This 2 in 1 safety hammer and seatbelt cutter is sturdy and dependable that allows you to evacuate your vehicle swiftly in an emergency. Its small size ensures that it can be stored at an accessible location near the driver’s seat.

Other features of Emergency Escape Tool:

  1. Pack of two
  2. Its two-in-one function allows you to break a glass and cut your seat belt
  3. Easily breaks glass with its thick steel double-sided strike point
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GOOLOO SuperSafe Car Jump Starter

This device is more than a jump starter because of its many features. For instance, the flashlight can work as an emergency light too. It can double up as a mobile charger when needed. Even though it’s just a car jump starter, reviewers rate it for its other helpful features as well. 

Other features of GOOLOO SuperSafe Car Jump Starter:

  1. It is Cigarette Socket Outlet (12V) makes it work with other external devices
  2. It is waterproof 
  3. Advanced technology includes current, charge, voltage, and high-temperature protection
  4. Charge once every three months, if unused.
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AUSELECT First Aid Kit

Store this mini first aid kit in your car for unexpected incidents. It comes with an attention-grabbing bag, that is to say, if someone needs to look for it other than yourself. If you have kids or the elderly in your family, this kit will come in handy for those small scrapes and bruises.

Other features of the AUSELECT First Aid Kit:

  1. Includes 120pcs like scissors and bandages
  2. Portable with only 150g weight
  3. It comes in a waterproof bag
  4. It can be used indoor and outdoor
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If you wish to add more comfort for you and your passengers in the car, there are a few things to keep in mind. Think of the few ideas and devices that can make a difference. An addition, when you use your car daily, you don’t notice the small things or get used to them unless someone else points it out to you. For instance, don’t think of your car as a mode to get from one point to another only. Think of all the fun things you can do to make your drive fun yet convenient.

New car models come with a variety of accessories. But if you’ve been driving an older model, you can add some modern functions with gizmos. Your car accessories will not just add comfort but also style and fun to your car. However, remember that all accessories are not for decoration and fun, but some will be essential to keep you safe in your time of need. Your need for accessories can also change according to the seasons. For example, you need an ice scraper during winter to remove snow from your car, but it won’t be useful during the summer months.

What accessories can I get for my car?

Other small things to remember, especially when you have passengers in your car would be:

  1. Pay attention to the smell in your car. A good car air freshener will get rid of unwanted odor and keep your car smelling fresh and welcoming.
  2. Maintain the temperature of your car as per the weather and your clothing. You can keep an electric blanket for the passenger who is always cold.
  3. You can add seat covers and seat cushions for added comfort for yourself and your passengers.
  4. A garbage can will ensure that the car remains clean, particularly when you have company or kids.
  5. Floor mats also help keep your car clean from dirt and salt (during winter months) that can come in with the shoes. It also quickens your car cleaning process as they can be removed, dusted, vacuumed or washed, and put back in place.


According to you, which accessories are the most important in a car? Depending on the situation you’re in, your need and priority can change. Therefore, whether you wish to decorate, personalize and make your car more fun, or add some useful accessories for convenience and safety, these are all the best car accessories of 2023.