If you’re looking for a classic way to up the ante with your car’s design, look no further than Redline or Whitewall tires. The Redline is the vibrant streak of color made famous by muscle cars of the fifties and sixties. The Whitewall goes back even farther – 1904 to be exact – and offers a more refined and timeless look with a wider berth.

The problem is most tire manufacturers aren’t making these classic designs and the ones that are aren’t factory installed. That’s why Tire Stickers is here.

Redline and Whitewall Tire Sticker Kits

You can get both styles from THE SHOP. Each design comes with 4 strips – one for each tire – and fleXement Adhesive if you spring for the permanent decals. Whether you go Peel-And- Stick or Permanent, you can customize the width, length, and color of your Redline and Whitewalls to suit your car, truck, ATV, motorcycle, bicycle, tricycle or whatever you’re riding.