The purpose of a car floor mat is to protect the carpet of your car. And if you’re here, we believe you’re looking for tips and recommendations to help you make a buying decision. So don’t worry, we’ve done the research for you.

How Necessary Are Floor Mats?

When asked, most people will say you need it. Some will tell you about their bad experiences, and others will give valid reasons. And today, we want to share some of those reasons with you and show you the best mats to buy. We all may have this question at the back of our minds, and although we may not be 100% convinced, we go with the norm. Let’s change that today and prepare you for the world of car mats.

Let us start by answering the universal question – Are car floor mats necessary? Yes. The answer is simple and backed by logical reasons.

  • If you’re obsessed with cleanliness, we don’t even need to convince you. You know how easy it is to clean the mats rather than the carpet. Each time you step into your car, you carry some dust and dirt with your shoes, even more during winter. Over a period, it gets accumulated and looks dirty. Let’s be honest, how often do you go for an auto detailing? Cleaning and maintaining car mats is hassle-free and easy with removing, cleaning, fluffing, and putting right back in. However, the carpet of a car will need thorough cleaning each time. Without the protective layer of mats, it will eventually wear and tear with use.
  • The cost of replacing the carpet can range from $200 to $2000 depending on make, model, and installation type, according to Howmuchisit.orgWhereas, if you want to replace the mats in your car, you won’t have to dig deep into your pockets. Changing car mats is much cheaper than replacing car carpets, especially in Australia. By protecting the original floor covering, you are also protecting the value of your car. Whether you go for custom-fit or universal-fit, car mats can improve the state of your automobile by adding comfort and style. The right time to replace car carpets is when it’s time to sell the car, depending on the condition. And not only is it easy to replace floor mats, but it’s also cheap.


What Type Of Car Mats Are Best?

  • 1 black floor mat mock photo
    • Heavy-duty
    • Odorless rubber
    • Trimmable
    4.3 stars
  • 2 black car floor mat mock up
    • Rubber floor mat
    • Thick and durable
    • Trimmable
    4.6 stars
  • 3 Black floor mats with grey edges mock
    • Semi-universal fit
    • Faux leather edges
    • Under A$40
    4.2 stars

If you’re overly protective of your car, look for effectiveness and cost. If you’re doing it since it is the right thing to do, look for affordable options. Think about your lifestyle and the kind of activities you do regularly. For example, if you use your car for work and other errands, you can opt for universal floor mats. These will be cheap yet serve the purpose. If your life in Australia revolves around going to the beach, hiking, and other nature-related activities, you may want to get something more durable. 

Once you have established the purpose of your mats, it will be a breeze to select from the available options. You can choose from rubber car floor mats, all-weather floor mats, etc. A Redditor said she liked the floor of her car and didn’t want to cover it up with floor mats. So she found clear floor mats online. And we believe one of these will be suited to your needs. 

What Are The Different Types Of Car Floor Mats Available Online?

Rubber Car Floor Mats

Rubber car mats are undeniably the most durable because of their ability to withstand water, mud, and snow. These mats are thick and waterproof as they are made from synthetic rubber. You can often find spikes or grooves to trap the elements from moving onto your car floor. Price-wise, these mats are comparatively cheaper than other varieties and also easier to clean.

Carpet Car Floor Mats

The factory car mats are typically the same as carpet floor mats. But to protect the original car flooring, you add another layer of car floor mat. Carpet floor mats are more affordable and protect against dust and dirt. These are not suitable for absorbing water or protecting against snow and mud. So if you experience a high level of snow during winter, these mats may not be able to handle the wear and tear. They demand more maintenance than rubber floor mats.

Clear Plastic Floor Mats

If you love the look of your factory carpet, you may not want to cover it up. A clear plastic floor mat will not only protect the floor of your vehicle but also keep it visible. It resists water and is effortless to clean. It is a quick, cheap fix when you’re not looking for any major transformation.

Fabric Car Mats

Fabric car mats are installed in many modern cars due to their ease of use. These mats may be cheaper but are as durable as other available car mats. Their lightweight nature makes it easy to remove, wash and put them right back. The material easily absorbs water and also dries quickly. Since the fabric has less friction, they come with a rubber base to avoid any slipping. They are a great addition to an everyday car.
There is also a premium option available in fabric car mats. It comes with cushioning installed inside to make it more comfortable and waterproof.


Best Floor Mats That Fit Every Car in the World 

Motor Trend Rubber Car Mats

With a focus on durability, these mats are heavy-duty and work well in all weather conditions. They are made keeping European standards in mind and using odorless rubber. Built with flexibility and can be simply trimmed with a pair of scissors to fit your vehicle. 

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Motor Trend All Season

This one is a list topper with over fifty thousand ratings. One of its main features is that you can cut it with a scissor to get a custom fit for your car. Its No-Slip Grip on the bottom prevents the mat from moving. Testing it in severe conditions has proved that it doesn’t break, cut, or deform. 

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BDK Universal Fit Metallic Design

This one may be an acquired taste, but it does the job and works as car decor. It protects your flooring from spills, dirt, and other everyday things. You can enjoy hassle-free cleaning, washing, and drying these metallic diamond mats. 

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BDK Burgundy Red Carpet

This colorful and sleek style will transform the interior of your car. The mat stays in place and supports your feet while you drive with a pad made of sturdy grips that provide friction and support. It is not only a universal fit but also works in all weather conditions and protects your car from spills and trash. 

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DualFlex Two-Tone Rubber Floor Mats

With over seven thousand ratings, this one is for trucks and SUVs. Its versatile ridge patterns trap dust, dirt, mud, and other debris that drop the cleanliness quotient of your vehicle. These are all-weather floor mats, waterproof and available in different colors to suit your style. Please check the size before you order. 

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Caterpillar Rubber Floor Mats

It comes in a set of three but can easily be cut using scissors and used as four mats. Reviewers say it’s thick, durable, and worth the price. Compared to the others, it is easy to measure and cut as per the given instructions. 

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CAT Deep Dish Rubber Floor Mats 

If you liked the Caterpillar Rubber Floor Mats but are looking for a four-piece set, this is it. These two have the same features, except one. This is cheaper. 

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Motor Trend FlexTough All Weather Protection

This one is just as good as the other Motor Trend car mats. The material, FlexTough, makes it very durable and can resist different weather conditions like extreme heat or severe cold. 

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Tupalatus Sunflower Car Mat Universal Fit

If you don’t like the look of these boring mats or you don’t want to add undecorated floor coverings, you must like sunflower or not. The designs on these mats are such fun and change the whole look and feel of your car. They still do what they’re supposed to do, protect the floor, yet add style. 

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Custom Accessories Armor Rubber Floor Mat

It is safe to buy customizable mats so you can trim them to fit your vehicle. This one is trimmable and has an anti-slip bottom to keep it in place. It is designed to hold dirt, water, sand, and salt. 

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Armor All Heavy-Duty Rubber Mat

They provide a dense layer between your car flooring and your feet. They are one of the heaviest engineered mats from Custom Accessories and can be used in all seasons. 

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FH Group Heavy-Duty Rubber Floor Mat

Reviewers say this heavy-duty floor covering has a firm grip. Many say it exceeded their expectation in terms of quality and price. They have tall edges that keep the dirt trapped within. 

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FH Group Touchdown Rubber Floor Mat

Available in two colours, this trimmable mat is designed to fit your vehicle. They are water-resistant, and their tall rims keep liquids from getting onto your car carpet.

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Best Car Mats in Australia Under A$50 on Amazon

We’ve already shown you the best ones and said how it’s important to have mats in your car. Even then we must now accept reality and understand that we haven’t convinced all of you. So it’s time we gave you cheaper choices for you to try it for yourself and then decide if these car mats can make a difference or not. 


Vaygway Clear Car Plastic Mats

Premium materials are used to ensure strength and durability for long-term use. It protects your car’s floor covering from dirt and spills. They fit most vehicles, but it’s recommended you check the size before ordering. 



Carfit Rubber Car Floor

You get what you pay for with this one. Reviewers say it does the work. The plastic is slim, cheap quality, but the long spikes hold the mess. They also have a non-slip base to keep it in place. 



FH Group Universal Fit Carpet Floor Mat

Over twelve thousand reviews, semi-universal fit, and $40, we say this one is a bargain. It also has faux leather on the side to take the style up a notch. Some reviewers say the material is too thin, but they have everything you look for in a car floor covering and are affordable.



Carfit Guardian Rubber Car Floor Mat

You get rubber flooring with a non-slip backing that keeps it in place to protect your original car carpet. Customers say it can be bigger than expected, depending on your car. It is also heavy-duty and may do its job for a while.



VViViD Heavy-Duty Protective All-Weather

This nylon carpet only needs soap and water to come back to life. Its anti-slip backing keeps it in place while a designated heel rest area provides comfort. At A$40, we believe, it is a good deal. 



To sum it up, you should look out for signs that say it’s time to change your floor mats. Their wear and tear will give you visible signals as well. When the edges start to curl, the color begins to fade, lose its grip, become difficult to clean, or simply look dirty all the time, it is time for a new one.

The question remains, which one will you choose? Choose the ones that best suit your lifestyle to guarantee you have the best inside protection. You’ll enhance the appearance, freshness, and cleanliness of your automobile regardless of whatever floor covering you pick. 

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