Looking for the best exterior accessories for cars in Australia? If So, You’ve come to the right place. Buying a new car is a huge, emotion-filled decision with layers of deep thinking and research. Finding the right external accessories to the car to complement your vehicle could be a very dizzying process, whether it’s just for daily maintenance or for adventuring. While there are many options for the best Exterior Accessories For Cars, we’ve handpicked the best and listed them here. In this guide for the best exterior car accessories, you’ll find different items including bike racks, towing kits, plate frames, and more.

Essentially, the most popular Exterior Accessories For Cars usually include products to make sure you are always prepared and safe for every challenge on the road.

If you’re searching for some of the coolest and most popular car exterior accessories, here we’ve picked and listed 10 Best Exterior Car Accessories.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

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10 Best Exterior Accessories For Cars

1. Tire Inflator

Ride quality, safety, and fuel quality are some of the main reasons to keep your car tires topped up and with optimum pressure. And in the year 2020, with many vehicles getting less use and just sitting around because of the strict covid-19 restrictions put in place by the Australian government (particularly in regions with large temperature variations) keeping your tires well inflated is quite important.

The best tire inflators aren’t just smartly designed and sleek, but they are also excellent for pumping air to inflate almost anything, from car tyres to bike tires to balloons and footballs, the best tire inflators can keep you from getting stranded. It also helps to ensure your tires are well maintained and the amazing tire stickers aren’t exposed to very extreme conditions.

Nobody wants to get stuck on the roadside with no mechanic to help. Or wants to arrive late for work or a job interview just because of a flat tire.

That’s an old excuse; you need a better excuse this time because you’ll always have something to keep your tires in shape.

It’s a simple device that’s very easy to use and carry around. If you suspect a flat tire, you just need to get it from the car trunk and pump air into your tire and quickly get going.

The best digital tire inflators automatically stop when the maximum pressure needed is reached. This means there is no risk of using these car gadgets, especially when it’s an emergency.

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2. Backup Camera & Monitor Kit

exterior accessories for carsA backup camera and a monitor kit feature a very easy installation process. For power only when being backed up, it can be easily connected to the reverse lights to ensure it’s only powered when necessary. Also, it can be connected to a cigarette lighter adapter or 12v source fuse box if you want non-stop monitoring via the new rear monitor camera. The best camera is IP68 certified waterproof and perfectly attaches to the top of the license plate. It also offers an IP night vision to allow users to have a clear line of sight even at night.

The backup camera kit also comes with a 4.3” LCD monitor that can be directly mounted on the dash with a pedestal or adhesive foam. Another great method to put it up is through the windshield mount. The monitor itself can monitor 2 video inputs.

Supported by free technical support and a 2-year warranty, this is a perfect solution if you’ve always wanted to add a reverse monitoring setup or reverse camera to your car. It’s perfect for trucks, large RVs, or any vehicle. The quality of the picture is ideal for the price point and the customer service is outstanding. This is a no-brainer for anyone looking to upgrade his or her vehicle to having the backup camera as an accessory.

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3. Headlights

exterior accessories for carsThird, on our list of the best exterior accessories for cars is the headlights. When darkness finally sets in, and you have somewhere to go, headlights are the only gadgets that can help you get there safely.

Our list of the best exterior accessories for cars wouldn’t have been complete if we didn’t list headlights. They play a major role in preventing fatal accidents.

With the best headlights, you can safely drive back home, significantly reducing the risks by paving a bright and clearer path. To make sure you remain safe even when driving under total darkness, it’s very important to take all the necessary precautions by having an extra pair of brilliant headlights.

With clear and bright headlights, you can substantially prevent uncertain accidents such as hitting an object or animal or falling into a pothole in the dark.

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4. Car Covers

car covers exterior accessories for carsEven if you are attentive to the proper maintenance of your car and regardless of whether the car is parked on the driveway, in a garage, or on the street, the exposure will eventually take a toll on the paint. Although you cannot control the march of time, when it comes to making sure your car is in pristine condition, the best car cover is a great preventative measure that will keep your vehicle from looking its age.

A car cover is a great piece of material that’s fitted to slip on/off your car quite easily, protecting it from harmful UV rays, wear, bird droppings, and weather when it’s parked.

The best car cover should be effective both outdoors and indoors. Car covers are usually available in different materials and the one that’s best for your car depends on your exact needs like the environment where the car is parked. For instance, soft cotton covers are ideal to protect your car when it’s parked indoors, but they aren’t waterproof, so they aren’t recommended for people planning on keeping the car outside. On the other hand, outdoor car covers should be able to withstand all environmental hazards.

Size is another important factor you should consider when looking for the best car covers, as a cover that’s too small can possibly cause the same kind of damage you want to avoid.

Buy the best car covers from the best designers and brands. All the car covers are available at affordable prices from genuine and top brands.

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5. Car Parking Sensors

sensors exterior accessories for carsParking sensors are parking assist systems that are available to today’s drivers. Essentially, parking assist systems or parking sensors use radar-based information or a camera to notify a driver when they are closing in on a nearby object they couldn’t see while parking – such as a shopping cart, a lamppost, a tail curb, a nearby scooter, a bicycle or another parked vehicle. Using a camera or sounds or a combination of both, parking sensors give drivers a new set of eyes that’s regularly watching the car’s surroundings to help maintain full situational awareness.

Whether you just want some peace of mind when maneuvering your truck or car or you share the car with a less experienced driver, there are limitless options when it comes to electronic products that can help prevent accidental scrapes, dings, or accidents when parking.

Although some cars come with built-in parking assist systems, there are many models that don’t.

Parking sensors take many sizes and shapes, and many models come with enhanced features and added functionality to help keep the driver, their surroundings, and their vehicles safe.

Basically, a good parking sensor system has two main parts: the driver’s interface and the sensors. Sensors are usually mounted on the vehicle’s exterior or in a specific location where they have a clear view and the interface is within the view of the drive – often suction mounted on the windscreen and attached to the dash. It can also be fixed just under the rearview mirror.

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6. Wiper Blades

 exterior accessories for carsWiper blades are often overlooked when it comes to proper vehicle maintenance, but they are a very important accessory for safety. Poor wipers affect visibility in inclement weather and you do not want to wait until you get caught in the storm to finally realize that you should replace your wipers.

Even for those that don’t live in an area that doesn’t experience snow or lots of rain, it’s important to ensure your wipers are well maintained. Like other parts in your car, wipers do not last forever and are also subject to tear and wear, even if they aren’t used often. Research has shown that poor visibility is one of the biggest causes of accidents and high-quality wiper blades can be important components in providing better visibility.

It’s always important to ensure you buy the right types of wiper blades for your car. The best wider blades are those that perfectly fit your car and perform as required. Keep in mind that windshields differ from one car to another, with varying sizes and shapes across all types of cars. When shopping for new wiper blades, you will need the model, year, and make of the car, even though at times there are different lengths based on whether or not your vehicle is a two or four-door model. Many retailers usually carry model-specific sets, which are the ideal length for your car, but it does not hurt to measure the existing blades in inches just to ensure you’re on the safe side. Also, your owner’s manual should have the wiper size available alongside instructions on how to change them.

It’s important to check exactly how the wiper blade has been attached to the car, which is often either a hooked wiper arm or a straight wiper arm. Replacement wiper kits usually come with a perfect attachment for the car, whereas others come with different adapters.

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7. Tire Pressure Gauges

A tire pressure gauge is one of the most important Exterior Accessories For Cars that every car owner should invest in. Making sure your tires are well-inflated ensures they evenly wear out and that you get enough fuel economy. This is a very small investment for more convenience and you should check your tire pressure every month.

There is a wide range of tire gauges available in the market today, from digital to mechanical ones, and even some multi-functional tools.

Often overlooked and at times even forgotten, your vehicle’s tire pressure is a crucial factor in ensuring your vehicle runs optimally. Today, many modern vehicles are fitted with great Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems that take the guesswork from wondering whether your vehicle’s tire pressure is sufficient. But what happens if the car doesn’t have a TPMS? And if this happens, are there some things you need to know.

You might be surprised by the effect your car’s tire pressure has on your car’s performance. For instance, if you have noticed that the gas mileage has reduced, it’s largely because of the car’s tires.

There is a reason why cars have a recommended tire pressure. Proper inflation of the car tyres doesn’t just make sure that it’s comfortable to drive, but it could also affect the fuel economy. Most importantly, they make sure the tires wear out uniformly, significantly extending their lifecycle.

Underinflating or overinflating the tires can have adverse effects on their performance. The underinflated tyres usually appear flattered and have more contact with the road surface. When driven over extended periods, this contact results in premature tire wear. Also, underinflation has an effect on the vehicle’s fuel economy.

Checking the car’s tire pressure is a fairly simple and straightforward task. The simplest method is to use the tire gauge that you can buy online or from an automotive parts store. We recommend checking your vehicle’s tire pressure levels when the tires are cold or after the car has been parked for more than 3 hours. Because the increased friction cause heat and the heat increase tire pressure, doing regular checks after driving will often give an inaccurate figure.

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8. Car Mudguard

mudguard external car partsThese aftermarket car upgrades are very important for trucks, crossovers, and cars, but are more important for automotive that tend to spray dust, loose asphalt, or spray rocks and mud from the spinning wheels. A mudguard is a must-have item for drivers whose escapades take them down dirt roads. Guards placed in the rear of a wheel usually protect other drivers and your own car from flying projectiles.

And even though mudguards are made for specific purposes, there is no denying that some drivers only want to accessorize them for a more unique look. Although some mudguards are designed in such a way that they can go unnoticed, those clad in red logos, brushed steel, or chrome are made to be seen.

Owing to the mudguard’s utilitarian nature, big vehicles are the most common recipients, but they are not the only ones. Low-slung cars, particularly those, which frequent the track or attend the autocross events are also fitted with splash guards. If you’re looking to keep your prized automobile in a factory new condition, the best mudguard will help prevent shards of gravel or fine dust from showering the rocker panels as well as doors at great highway speeds.

Having said that, your car is not the only object that’s vulnerable to the scuffs, and chips hazing from road detritus. If you tow a travel trailer, a boat, or any other cargo, they roll behind your SUV or truck in a constant line of travel. This is where the mudguards step in to protect the towable with the rubber guards that sit behind the car instead of permanent mounting within the wheel wells.

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9. Car Horn

Your car horn is perhaps something you don’t think about often. The horn is just there and it works until one day you hit the button and it doesn’t. Or perhaps you’ve decided that you are tired of the boring factory horn and are looking for something that will give you more authority in traffic. Or you have decided that your car deserves better than the standard parp parp and you’re looking for something more flair. Regardless of the reason, a car horn is something you should always think about and get the best. This is because horns ultimately wear out, making them ineffective and quiet. With some automakers using small single-tone hones that you can barely hear, the only way you can get rid of the pre-installed factory horn is through an upgrade.

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10. License Plate Frame

Our list of the best exterior accessories for cars would not be complete without the license plate frame. Many car owners prefer vanity plates, but very few remember the plate frame. Rather, we tend to think more about the cheeky, meaningful, or profound message we would like the license plate to express. Regardless of how cool your license plate might be, it’s meaningless if it’s still stuck inside a standard frame.

You need a license plate frame that perfectly fits your car’s personality, model, and brand. Also, you need it to comply with the local traffic regulations. Therefore, how can you be 100% sure that you have purchased the best license plate frame?

We often marvel and giggle at custom car plates. But beyond the message, the surface of the plate itself makes the difference. Here are some of the things you should consider when buying the best license plate frame.

  • Size
  • Hardware
  • Driving conditions
  • Shock absorption
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Final Thoughts

We believe our list of the most popular exterior car accessories has been of great help to you in finding what you need to have for your next road trip. The good news is most of these exterior parts are easily accessible and affordable as well.