Bridgestone Sticker

Tire stickers is a renowned global manufacturer of top-notch tire branding solutions for different applications, from rubber finishes and sidewalls to steadfast surfaces and simple finishes. And Bridgestone is one of their avid clients. Hence, the Bridgestone tire stickers.

Bridgestone is a leading innovator in the industry and has over the years grown to become a reputed provider of high-quality Bridgestone tyre stickers developed to be used for high-performance automobiles, off-road/personal/commercial vehicles, motorcycles, and bicycles. Bridgestone’s customers have a good chance to build custom tire lettering kits and logos.

Bridgestone tire stickers allow enthusiastic drivers to enjoy many benefits of customized color matching, offering Bridgestone tire stickers with the color that ideally matches the car, brake caliper, or wheel color.

Bridgestone tire stickers include pre-curved permanent raised rubber lettering kits, individual letter permanent raised kits, and stick and peel tire-lettering kits.

These Bridgestone tyre-lettering kits provide a quality appearance and a durable bond lasting the tire’s lifetime, making them ideal for daily drivers. Bridgestone stickers raised lettering kits can be cleaned even after over 40,000 miles of extreme driving. You can rest assured that the Bridgestone stickers will remain stain-free from standard driving settings.

Every tire lettering kit includes:

  • Bridgestone tire decals.
  • Rubber gloves.
  • Strong glue designed for application to the radial rubber tires.
  • Detailed instructions on how to apply or remove the stickers.

Bridgestone tire stickers look great on high-performance cars, classic cars, and muscle cars.

Each tire lettering kit comes with 4set/8set Bridgestone decals. This is enough for two bikes or one vehicle if you choose to do two on every side or one motorcycle if you choose to do one for every side and a bonus of two additional tire decals. Bridgestone’s tire decals are pretty easy to install, and you can get both tires done in less than 30 minutes. Keep in mind that the kit comes with application and removal instructions.

Available in both Temporary Peel & Stick and Permanent Raised rubber lettering products. Choose white or any color offered in our store.


Temporary (Short Term):
-Peel and Stick Application Guide

Permanent (Long Term):
Permanent Application Guide

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