Continental Tire Stickers

Continental tire lettering is an easier modification for adding aggressive track styling to your rides wheel and tire setup in general. Whether or not you’re just looking to add style to your car for the upcoming track event or you just want to keep white continental tire lettering on your car or track for your tire’s lifetime, continental tire lettering will be a perfect solution for you.

Permanent continental tyre stickers are created to last your tires lifetime. The permanent tire stickers kit includes the continental tire decal for all four corners of your car, application instructions, tire stickers rubber cleaner, and the FleXement adhesive.

On the other hand, the temporary peel and stick tyre stickers allow you to seamlessly add white continental tire lettering to your tyres for around 1000 miles – ideal for a car show or an upcoming track event. The temporary tyre sticker kits also include a temporary continental tire decal for all four of your car tires even for your motorcycle.

It’s vital to ensure you order the right size continental tire sticker to prevent damages to your tire lettering kit – we recommend using the right size based on the aspect ratio of your car tires, measuring the height of your manufacturer’s lettering kit on the tires.


Temporary (Short Term): Perfect for quick and effortless application, with the ability to withstand over 1000 miles of ruthless driving conditions. This Short term tire lettering kit is an absolute choice for car shows, races and photo shoots. The tyre lettering kit solution for the short-term, heat-activated tyre decals gives tires the painted white letter tire stickers. And at the same time giving you the much-needed flexibility to easily change your tire decal designs whenever deemed necessary. For application guide please refer:
-Peel and Stick Application Guide

Permanent (Long Term): Quality appearance, highly durable and long lasting bond for lifetime, this Permanent Raised Rubber tyre lettering kit is ideal for daily drivers!  Designed to withstand harshest atmospheric condition and temperature, these tire decals are fully cleanable even after 50,000 miles of driving. Every permanent tyre lettering kit includes a uniquely designed car tire lettering adhesive and guidelines for application and removal.
Permanent Application Guide

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