Custom Tire Lettering

Tire lettering is very popular. Back in the year 1922, Firestone introduced its balloon tyres, which had a painted brand name on them. From that time, tire lettering has gained a lot of popularity. Both are utilized for applying lettering to the tyres, particularly on the auto racing motors. Below, we will provide you with a list of Lettering Fonts from where you can make your Own Custom Tyre Stickers !

Custom Tire Stickers

Tire stickers boost the look of your car, thus making it look more expensive. A tire sticker can change your car into a race motor and is very affordable. Different from the normal decals that you see on vehicles or window shops, a tire sticker is made from dedicated, cut-out rubber. You can apply a tire sticker on your power bike or vehicle, and you can pick between a permanent or temporary tire sticker. A custom tire sticker is simple to install and most of them come with a manual and a preparatory kit. Some online shops have abandoned the stickers, stencils, and paint pens and have concentrated on the durable solution; white letter tires. You can easily install the raised white tire lettering that is created from a strong rubber composite compound having an adhesive, which sticks the lettering to the tyres. A tire sticker utilizes an adhesive, which sticks permanently to the tyres since it utilizes a different kind of adhesive. The adhesive cure is very unique from the ones found on the tire stickers and is the same as that of custom number decals.

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Short Term- Temporary Stickers:

Peel and Stick Application Guide

– Peel and Stick – Application Video

Permanent Raised Rubber Lettering kit:

Permanent Application Guide

– Permanent – Application Video