FALKEN AZENIS (with red dash)

FALKEN AZENIS (with red dash)

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Falken Azenis Tire Stickers

Looking for the trendiest way to make your ride stand out from the crowd? Look no further! As they have been in motorsports for many years, the best Falken azenis tire stickers will do the impossible. It isn’t just about showcasing the make of the tires, but rather it’s all about individuality. Special custom-made Falken azenis tire letters and custom Falken azenis tire lettering are therefore also a fascinating option for brands to attract attention or simply advertise at trade fair appearances.
How It Works
You can start by cleaning the wheels and after they have dried from the cleaning solution, you can then apply the letters.

Remember to apply the glue to one section and then on the backside of the rubber lettering. It’s best if you apply the glue moderately to ensure none seeps it. Incase you use too much, you might get the ‘glue slop’ everywhere, even though you don’t want to ensure there is sufficient coverage across the end of the Falken azenis tire lettering else the edges might peel up over time.

If you aren’t sure how it works, you can start by applying less and then apply more as you progress. The best way to go about this is by applying just a few letters at a time or at most one Falken azenis tire decal, else the glue might dry quicker than you can even move and you’ll have messed up your hands already.

After you’ve applied the optimal amounts of glue on the underside of the Falken azenis tire decal, you can then line up your decals on the sidewall of the tire. You can then use the natural lines on your tire to do this and then consider using masking tape to help guide the placement incase you are having trouble.

Please select the type of Tire Sticker you want to purchase, wheel size, letter height and quantity.


Temporary (Short Term): Perfect for quick and effortless application, with the ability to withstand over 1000 miles of ruthless driving conditions. This Short term tire lettering kit is an absolute choice for car shows, races and photo shoots. The tyre lettering kit solution for the short-term, heat-activated tyre decals gives tires the painted white letter tire stickers. And at the same time giving you the much-needed flexibility to easily change your tire decal designs whenever deemed necessary.
For application guide, Refer Peel and Stick Application Guide

Permanent (Long Term): Quality appearance, highly durable and long lasting bond for lifetime, this Permanent Raised Rubber tyre lettering kit is ideal for daily drivers!  Designed to withstand harshest atmospheric condition and temperature, these tire decals are fully cleanable even after 40,000 miles of driving. Every permanent tyre lettering kit includes a uniquely designed car tire lettering adhesive and guidelines for application and removal.
For application guide, Refer Permanent Application Guide

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