Falken Tire Stickers

How do you make your incredible Mercedes wheels even cooler?

Wrap them in these incredible Falken tire stickers, and install the race-inspired white lettering from one of the best companies to complete the motorsports-inspired outlook. The Falken tire lettering kit comes with everything you need to get started including gloves, glue instructions, cleaning supplies, and even letters.

You can choose the height kit for Falken tire lettering, but there are numerous options you can pick from on their website based on how tall the sidewalls are and the style you choose to go with. Most of the designs are licensed by OEMs themselves or other tire brands; so, you are purchasing a legit product and not just some cheap reap-off.

The Falken tire lettering kit will be delivered right to your doorstep, so all you have to do is place the order and as you wait, consider removing the tires and wheels for more cleaning before installation. Cleaning and preparing the surface of the tire will ultimately make the installation easier for you and would yield better fitment and look.

How To Install Falken Tire Stickers?

After you’ve received the kit, what next?

The Falken tire decals are pre-cut and well aligned as part of your kit, so, it’s very easy to install. No measuring or cutting is required.
The best thing you should do is taking your time. Depending on the size of the wheels, installing the tire stickers usually takes less than 15 minutes.

As mentioned earlier, start by ensuring everything is cleaned up thoroughly. Any residue, dirt, or grease left on the tires might prevent the letters from sticking and might result in the letters peeling off around the edges and ultimately falling. Like plasti-dip or painting, you want about 80% of the time on the preparation work and rest 20% of the time on the application itself.

Temporary (Short Term): Perfect for quick and effortless application, with the ability to withstand over 1000 miles of ruthless driving conditions. This Short term tire lettering kit is an absolute choice for car shows, races and photo shoots. The tyre lettering kit solution for the short-term, heat-activated tyre decals gives tires the painted white letter tire stickers. And at the same time giving you the much-needed flexibility to easily change your tire decal designs whenever deemed necessary.
For application guide, Refer Peel and Stick Application Guide

Permanent (Long Term): Quality appearance, highly durable and long lasting bond for lifetime, this Permanent Raised Rubber tyre lettering kit is ideal for daily drivers!  Designed to withstand harshest atmospheric condition and temperature, these tire decals are fully cleanable even after 40,000 miles of driving. Every permanent tyre lettering kit includes a uniquely designed car tire lettering adhesive and guidelines for application and removal.
For application guide, Refer Permanent Application Guide

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