Maxxis Stickers

Tire stickers is popular worldwide for offering special branding solutions for a wide range of applications including rubber finishes, sidewalls as well as steadfast and simple surfaces.

This company was behind the innovation in the industry and is the only official worldwide provider of special tire lettering kits created to be utilized on either high-performance automobiles, off-road/personal/ commercial cars, motorcycles, or bicycles. The company’s clients have a chance of designing custom tire stickers and logos.


  • Durable
  • Suitable for special events
  • Fast and simple installation and removal utilizing stick and peel technology
  • Suitable for harsh environments and daily driving
  • The adhesive application included with every kit
  • Rubber cleaner for the tire stickers included with every kit
  • Fits in all types of tire sizes


Maxxis tyres were launched back in 1967, where it started by manufacturing tires of bicycles in Taiwan. Growing very fast, Maxxis later became the biggest creator of bicycle tires across the globe. This company is still enjoying high popularity up until now.

Maxxis tires let enthusiastic vehicle owners enjoy all the advantages of custom color matching, offering the tire edges decals that ideally match with the brake caliper, wheel color, and the car.

The Maxxis Tire Stickers comes with three special series including; permanent raised rubber-lettering kits, individual lettering raised rubbers kits, and peel and stick lettering kits. Whichever you pick to install on your tires, you will have fun and enjoy the simple installation.

Removing, Repair And Cleaning

Use clean water to rinse the tyres. If you see that the letters have started to peel away because of improper application, tricky edges surfaces, or abrasion damage, you can repeat the steps two to four to reapply. The letters can remain on the tires for a very long time, mostly if you had applied the permanent ones. But, if you have temporary letterings and you want to remove them, you can apply vice pliers/ grips to clinch o the peeled sidelines and remove it. After this step, you can then remove the remaining adhesive using a light sanding pad and acetone. Make sure that you clean the lettering only when necessary since you interfere with the adhesive/bond each time you clean. You shouldn’t be so concerned about the brown stains that appear on the top of the stickers as they are permanent as they originate from inside the lettering material and pops on the surface.


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