Michelin Tire Stickers

Owning a car or a motorcycle doesn’t just mean driving or riding over the most extreme terrains with ease, but also customizing your auto to your personal style and sense. Although some upgrades are about enhancing the performance of brakes, engines, and other vital systems and others are more about making the automobile look special and unique. As an example, decals, pens, and stickers could add a custom touch to the tires of your car or motorcycle hence making it stand out from other vehicles. Michelin tire stickers allow you to highlight numbers and letters on the tires sideways in different colors including green, blue, and white.

Layering white and yellow vinyl creates Michelin tyre stickers; these aren’t printed stickers but made from top-notch colored vinyl that’s carefully assembled with precision craftsmanship.

Individually cut Michelin tyre stickers on high-quality colored vinyl. Ideal for application on any tire surface outdoor or indoor. Waterproof with indoor life of over 4 years and indoor life of about eight years. Reflective Michelin tire stickers might not be for as long as the non-reflective Michelin stickers, the reflective vinyl might leave behind some glue residue mainly after removing because they usually come with a permanent adhesive. Keep in mind that these are cheap low-quality stickers; they are created from high-end vinyl so these stickers rarely fade. Moreover, they will last your tires a lifetime because they are ultra-high density. Michelin tyre stickers are perfect for applying on the wall, mobile, helmet, bikes, cars, or laptop. You’ll be glad to know that there is no background; the entire surface you paste on usually becomes the background. All the tire decals sold by Michelin are high quality and comes pre-applied with a transfer tape for easier application.

Michelin tyre stickers are packed between cardboard layers so you can rest assured that your stickers will arrive intact.

Application Guide:

-Peel and Stick Tyre Letters (Short Term):

Easy and quick to install these short term tire decals are ideal for car shows, races and photo shoots lasting for a 1-2 week period.  This tire letter kit is a quick, customizable, and affordable enhancement over tire paint or tire pen products that usually stain or discolor over time. Refer to Peel and Stick Application Guide

-Permanent Raised Rubber Letter (Long Term):

Highly durable with quality appearance and long lasting, this specialized permanent raised white Michelin tyre letters are engineered to withstand the most extreme driving condition and is perfect for daily drivers! This kit is fully cleanable even after 40,000+ miles of intense driving.

Each Raised Rubber Letter Kit includes:
-Permanent Raised Michelin tire
-A specially designed tire adhesive
-Tire Stickers Rubber Cleaner
-instructions for application, maintenance and removal. Refer to Permanent Application Guide.

See Product Selection Guide for more information.