Michelin Blue and White Tire Stickers

Looking to personalize your car or motorcycle tires short-term or long-term for special events or car shows? If so, the best Michelin Blue and White Tire Stickers can make that happen. These Michelin Blue and white Stickers comes with the Michelin Man logo you are looking for! There are typically no restrictions when it comes to what you can do on your tires including, raised rubber letters, replicating wall tires, custom badges, and logos, and more licensed tire brands. The tire lettering stickers usually come in different colors including blue, orange, green, yellow, red, and white, but they are able to match any PMS color.

Many attempts to color tyres are usually done with spray paint, paint pens, and other chemicals. Unfortunately, most of these processes are quite messy and labor-intensive.

This is the main reason you should choose Michelin Blue and White Tire lettering Design because of the easy and quick decals. The application process of Peel and Stick Stickers is pretty simple, just peel and stick.

The Permanent Michelin Blue and White decals comes with an application kit and each Raised Rubber Letter Kit includes a specially designed tire adhesive, Tire Stickers Rubber Cleaner, and instructions for application, maintenance and removal. The product is guaranteed to be stain free from normal driving conditions and are of high quality and endurance.

Now Available! – Michelin Tire Peel and Stick Tire Stickers are available for 16 inch, 17 inch, 18 inch, 19 inch, and 20 inch wheels.


Temporary (Short Term):
-Peel and Stick Application Guide

Permanent (Long Term):
Permanent Application Guide

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