Goodyear Tire Stickers

A great Goodyear tire lettering kit is an excellent way to improve the style and class of your tires and wheels. If you trust Goodyear tires on your corvette, then Tire Stickers can provide you with the best Goodyear tire decals for your cars or truck bland tires. We have Goodyear decals for all Goodyear tires.

These Goodyear decals are available in either “peel or stick” or permanent applications. The material of every good year tire sticker is top quality and is built to withstand inclement weather, hard turns, and high speeds. These Goodyear white letter tires stickers are straightforward to install on your vehicle or motorcycle tires and look amazing. Add a little color and life to your Goodyear tires while on the road with different options to make your car tires stand out.

Established back in 2007, Tire Stickers produces high-quality and durable sidewalk decals for drivers looking for a more customized look to their car tires.

The 2nd generation technology for the tire decals was exclusively built and offered with Goodyear tires through 2020. The Goodyear tire decals feature customized brand colors and precisely align with raised tire sidewall lettering on specific Goodyear products. Goodyear partnered with Tire Stickers to develop perfectly aligned Goodyear tire decals with tire engravings.

Vehicle owners who buy tire decals for their Goodyear tyres can install these Goodyear stickers for tires in minutes. The highly durable, raised rubber Goodyear tire lettering is a lifetime solution that withstands both off-road and on-road driving conditions, power washing, and standard cleaning.

Goodyear tire stickers are built for performance. Teaming up with tire stickers on this great technology made Goodyear products stand out for style and performance.

Goodyear decals

The permanent Goodyear tire decals are raised rubber lettering that uses a good adhesive to mount on your great tires. Goodyear decals come with a complete set in various sizes based on your tastes and preferences. Most Goodyear tire stickers are white. Nonetheless, if you are using Goodyear tires, you can also get green, yellow, or red decals.

When placing orders for your Goodyear decals, we’ll need the information below to customize your tire stickers:

  • Complete tire size
  • Color selection
  • Decal brand
  • Decal height
  • Rear-wheel size
  • Front-wheel size
  • Product type

Keep in mind that the permanent color lettering kit now includes a two-ounce cleaner bottle.

Goodyear Tire Lettering Kits  – Design in Peel & Stick and Permanent Raised Rubber Lettering styles.

Please select the type of Tire Sticker you want to purchase, wheel size, letter height and quantity.


– Semi-Permanent: Peel and Stick Application Guide

– Permanent: Permanent Application Guide


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