Super Stretched Toyo Proxes White Lettering

The super stretched Toyo proxes white lettering kits fit all vehicles, there are no more boring and empty black tires. Just trick your superb ride with the custom raised white tire lettering kits on your tyres utilizing original licensed designs by the tire stickers. The top-notch raised rubber is designed to perfectly withstand intense driving.

These high-end Toyo proxes white tire decals can superbly withstand extreme temperature conditions, track days, and daily driving. You just have to prepare the tires surface and glue them on the highly durable tire letters. You should avoid any contact with the oil-based tire care products and clean the tires stickers once every month for a cleaner lasting look. Once ready, the white rag should look white/light grey when cleaning the tire’s sidewall.

The next thing you should do is applying the glue on the backside of the letter, initially applying to few letters when getting started. Then stick the super stretched Toyo proxes tire stickers on the clean part of the tire and apply some pressure for about 2 minutes. You can then inspect the decal and clean any oozing incase it’s necessary. You can hold onto it for a few more minutes.

Furthermore, after about 20 minutes, you can remove the clear transfer to reveal your clean letters. Allow them to dry for about 2 hours. Make sure you don’t use the oil-based tire shine that clamps the tire/wheel, and curbs.

Super Stretched Toyo Tires Design – Special edition Toyo Tires Tire Stickers design.  These decals will come as 1 piece and stretched/modified to fit your vehicle tire.

Please select the type of Tire Sticker you want to purchase, wheel size, letter height and quantity.

 Application Guides:

– Semi-Permanent: Peel and Stick Application Guide

– Permanent: Permanent Application Guide
Generic Tire Sizing guidelines – Use the generic tire sizing chart below to guide your decision.  Identify the aspect ratio or series (generally the middle number of the tire specification) and match to the chart.  Note: some tires may have a unique aspect ratio outside of these guidelines, when in doubt email us!

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