How To Use The Motorcycle Tire Stickers

If you are looking for a way to apply the tire stickers quickly and with a lot of ease, then you should follow the tips below;

    1. Apply acetone on your tires for removing any dirt or oil. Dust can prevent the adhesive from properly sticking on the edges of the tires. Cleaning the motorcycle tyres ensures that it adheres for the longest time possible. Clean the tires repetitively to make sure that no oil or dirt on the rag.
    2. Attach the raised rubber letters on the tacky edge of a transfer film and smear evenly FleXement Adhesive to the back of every letter. Don’t apply excessive glue on one of the letterings. This is because it might result in a shortage of glue or oozing. You should use one FleXement for 40 to 45 letters.
    3. Use your fingertips to press the letters for at least forty to sixty seconds on every letter.
    4. Remove attentively the transfer film and ensure that you don’t lift the white letters
    5. In case you lift any sidelines, apply adhesive again and put pressure on the letters again. Put pressure on the lettering for about 45 to 60 seconds for allowing the glue to set
  1. Apply FleXement for sealing the sidelines of every lettering. Once the sidelines are sealed, you shouldn’t interfere with the decal for about one hour, this includes driving.

Removing, Repair And Cleaning
When cleaning your motorcycle tire stickers, make sure that you don’t apply harsh products and chemicals, which contain chlorine bleach or alcohol. Never expose the lettering to tyre shine or other chemicals. When cleaning your decals, you should consider using whitewall tire cleaner. Before you clean your tires with clean water, make sure that they are cool to touch. To clean the letters on your tires, start by spraying whitewall on the cleaner. Leave the whitewall for some minutes to absorb all the grime and dirt. Then use a bristled brush for scrubbing off any dirt if necessary.