Create and upload a trace file of the tire lettering you’d like to match on your tire.  This can be accomplished by simply using a piece of clear packing tape and a sheet of white printer paper.

Step 1: Place the tape over the lettering on the tire and apply even pressure. Make sure to apply pressure over all areas of the lettering. Use multiple pieces of tape for longer designs.

Step 2: Peel the tape off the tire and place it on a sheet of white printer paper. Dirt and oil from the tire will stick to the tape and display a perfect outline of your existing lettering which can be seen against the white printer paper.

Step 3: Scan the paper and upload the .JPG file here, or mail it to our California location: 8101 Orion Ave. Ste. 21 Van Nuys CA 91406 with your name and phone number.

An alternative way to create this tire letter trace file is to place a sheet of white printer paper over your tire lettering and shade it with a pencil to create visible outlines of the raised lettering behind the paper.


– Short-Term: Peel and Stick Application Guide

– Permanent: Permanent Application Guide
Generic Tire Sizing guidelines – Use the generic tire sizing chart below to guide your decision.  Identify the aspect ratio or series (generally the middle number of the tire specification) and match to the chart.  Note: some tires may have a unique aspect ratio outside of these guidelines, when in doubt email us!