Yokohama Tire Stickers

Developed by tire sticker enthusiasts, supported by a world-renowned tire company, Yokohama, and used by the best. Yokohoma stickers are the #1 trusted brand and a genuine product in the world. Made of top-notch raised rubber, Yokohama tire stickers are created to withstand extreme temperatures and demanding driving conditions. Yokohama tyre stickers products apply to different tire sizes. The premium Yokohama tire lettering doesn’t turn brown or discolor.

How It Works:

The permanent Yokohama Advan tire stickers – the raised rubber Yokohama decals can comfortably withstand practically everything. You just have to prepare the surface of the tire, preferably using acetone or similar de-greaser on the tire stickers. Ensure you avoid contact with the oil-based tyre care products and always clean your Tyre Stickers with Tyre Stickers Cleaner (for Permanent Tire Stickers only) once in a month for a long-lasting impression.

The Yokohama tire lettering kits include a tire lettering glue and permanently raised lettering according to the brand you’ve chosen.

How To Install:

Guide and instructions included in the new kit

Step 1

Use acetone to clean the tyre sidewall. Incase you don’t have acetone, you can use a de-greaser to remove the brake dust, oil, dirt, debris, or other contaminants from the surface of the tire. If the tire is primed, you can use a fresh rag/towel to clean the sidewall.

Step 2

Apply the even, thin layer of glue on the rear of the Yokohama tire stickers. You can place the tire stickers decal on the prime section of your tire and simply apply the even pressure amount for 1 to 2 minutes.

Step 3

After application, inspect your Yokohama tire stickers and wipe away the excess glue if necessary. Hold the position and continue to apply even more pressure for a little longer (2 to 3 minutes). The perfect installation temperature for the tire stickers is 23 degrees Celsius.

Step 4

Remove the transparent letter surface protector to show the net and other amazing letters. Check to find out whether there are areas that have not bonded fully. Apply extra mild pressure to the parts. Allow the tire stickers to dry for an hour. Don’t use oil-based tire shine. Make sure that you avoid the chemical-intensive car washes and clamps, which grip the tire or wheel.

YOKOHAMA Tire Stickers are available in Peel and Stick or Permanent Raised Rubber Kits.

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– Permanent: Permanent Application Guide

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