Best RV Tool Kits 2023

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  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Convenient carrying case
  • 42 pieces
  • including a 20V cordless drill
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Molded case
  • DIY focused hand tools
  • 57 pieces
  • Sturdy plastic case
  • Meets ASME, ANSI specs
  • Metric tools and SAE included
  • 148 pieces

When traveling around, unexpected things could ultimately happen and it’s easier to cope with the challenges if you’ve got the right RV tool kit. Whether it’s electrical, mechanical, or other issues that require your attention, the best RV tool kits will make your job easier.

If you get on the road without these essential tools, you might over time find yourself stranded with no access to power or water, which can be potentially unsafe and very uncomfortable. Here are the best tools you should have for your car.

Best RV Tool Kits

1. BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Drill & Home Tool Kit

BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Drill & Home Tool Kit

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This car tool kit usually comes with 42 accessories and hand tools that are often used on both small and big projects. The drill is slightly smaller than the previous model, making it easier to store and more compact. The RV tool kit comes with a carrying case and includes a utility knife, adjustable wrench, tape measure, claw hammer, and a screwdriver amongst other important items.

The 20V lithium-ion battery can hold a charge for up to 18 months and it comes with an LED light. The kit is vibrant and ideal for light-duty and simple tasks around your car. These car tools are of great quality with an incredible grip and the kit is pretty inexpensive for what people get. It’s pretty light and is ideal for hanging pictures, assembling furniture, and other essential chores.

Key Features

  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Convenient carrying case
  • 42 pieces including a 20V cordless drill


  • High-quality tools
  • Great value for money
  • A drill can hold a charge for up to 18 months


  • Drill could be stronger
  • Not intended for the heavy-duty task

2. CRAFTSMAN Home Tool Kit/Mechanics Tools Kit

CRAFTSMAN Home Tool Kit/Mechanics Tools Kit

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This car tool kit by Craftsman includes 57 tools including a socket wrench, screwdrivers, pliers, and a hammer. The car tools are Do It Yourself focused for fastening cutting and measuring. Again, the fiberglass hammer is well designed for extra comfort and for reducing fatigue. The case is easy to store and model and the tool kit is supported by a lifetime warranty.

The car tools feature a polished finish to help resist corrosion and an ergonomic handle. The 72-tooth ratchet is perfect even for small spaces. The long nose pliers, groove joint ad slip joint have been designed for usage in different situations. It’s great equipment worth your money.

Key Features

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Molded case
  • DIY focused hand tools
  • 57 pieces


  • Great value
  • Corrosion-resistant tool
  • Ergonomic handles


  • Doesn’t include a drill
  • Some tools do not remain in place in the casing

3. Crescent General Purpose Tool Set 148-Pieces

Crescent General Purpose Tool Set 148-Pieces

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This 148-piece tool fully meets ASME and ANSI specifications and is well designed for most mechanical, industrial, and consumer applications. The RV tool kit includes both metric tools and SAE in a strong plastic casing that’s easy to transport and store. The hand tools come with a chrome finish and also include screwdrivers, sockets, ratchets, and wrenches.

The tool kit usually features an extensive range of tools that work well in many applications. Whether you will be using it in the garage, at home, or on the road, it’s a good small kit to carry along. The tools are heat-treated and have been made from top-quality chrome vanadium steel alloy. Moreover, they are abrasion and corrosion-resistant.

Key Features

  • Sturdy plastic case
  • Meets ASME, ANSI specs
  • Metric tools and SAE included
  • 148 pieces


  • Tools made of high-quality steel
  • Tools are abrasion and corrosion resistant
  • The kit is pretty versatile


  • Pricey
  • Case is stiff

4. WORKPRO W009037A 322-Piece Home Repair Hand Tool Kit

WORKPRO W009037A 322-Piece Home Repair Hand Tool Kit

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This 322-piece home repair hand tool kit is ideal for work in the garage, on the road, office, and at home. It features a wide range of tools for screwing, cutting, measuring, and hammering including a claw hammer, adjustable wrench, pliers, lithium-ion screwdriver, and precision screwdriver. These tools usually come in a nylon bag for easier storage.

This is a great toolkit for everyday use. The tools are usually made of carbon steel and the handles are well designed with nonslip grips for extra comfort. All tools included in this kit meet the ANSI standards. There are durable tools and the kit is perfect for simple jobs and small jobs. The carrying case is great, and perfectly holds all the tools in the right place.

Key Features

  • Nylon tool bag
  • Nonslip grips
  • Includes a screwdriver
  • 322 pieces


  • The kit is pretty durable and easier to store
  • Ergonomically designed handles
  • Tools made of carbon steel


  • Not ideal for heavy-duty usage

5. Stanley 73795 Mixed Tool Set

Stanley 73795 Mixed Tool Set

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Stanley mixed car tool kit usually comes with about 210 pieces, including the utility knife, tape measure, sockets, pliers, ratchets, and wrenches. These car tools are built with chrome vanadium for great torque, strength, and durability. They feature a great chrome finish to help resist corrosion and also exceed or meet ANSI standards. The kit also includes a well-molded casing for storage.

One of the most important things that you’ll like about it is the fact that the case locks utilize the center locking twist mechanism that’s pretty strong and also prevents other tools from falling. It features everything you want in a way of car tools for both on the road and at home. These car tools come in imperial and metric and it’s quite handy to keep in your car.

Key Features

  • Molded carrying case
  • The tools meet the ANSI standards
  • Tools are made of chrome vanadium
  • 210 pieces


  • Tools are imperial and metric
  • Wide range of tools for the road and home
  • The strong casing prevents the tools from falling out


  • Pricey
  • Tools are vulnerable to rusting


6. Apollo Tools DT0204P 71 Piece

Apollo Tools DT0204P 71 Piece

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This 71-piece tool kit usually features chrome-plated and heat-treated tools. Also, it features a cordless screwdriver. The tools fully meet the ANSI standards and come in a great casing, some of the car tools you’ll find here include spring clamps, wrenches, electric voltage tester, pliers, a claw hammer, and screwdrivers.

The Apollo’s Tool kit is perfectly designed to be a Do It Yourself set for maintenance tasks. The cordless screwdriver comes with an LED light. The small storage case will ensure your tools remain organized and the hand tools usually have nonslip grips that are designed for extra torque and comfort. The tools come with a lifetime guarantee.

Key Features

  • 71 pieces
  • Heavy duty case
  • The tool meets ANSI standards
  • Cordless screwdriver included


  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Tools are comfortable and nonslip
  • Great DIY set


  • Not designed for heavy-duty use


7. Hromee 56 Pieces Tire Repair Tools Kit for Car

Hromee 56 Pieces Tire Repair Tools Kit for Car

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This high-quality tire repair tool kit is perfectly designed for cars, motorcycles, trucks, and RVs. It usually comes with about 56 pieces, and all the tools you’ll ever need to fix flat tires, including repair cords, valve caps, hex keys, pliers, lubricant, and more. This kit comes with a 1-year warranty.

The RV tool kit comes with everything you want to repair tire issues. It also repairs loader/tractor tires with heavy lugs. The handle is ergonomically designed for quickly and easily repairing punctures and the kit comes with clear color directions. Technically, it’s a great car tool kit, which includes sturdy tools and comes with many extra plugs.

Key Features

  • Lifetime warranty
  • All tools included for different tasks
  • 56 piece tire repair car tool


  • Great instructions
  • Tools are pretty sturdy
  • Ergonomically designed tools


  • The case is pretty large
  • Tools might break over time

Best RV Tool Kits Buying Guide

As mentioned earlier, repairs are a part of every car owner’s life. There’s no doubt that you’ll at some point have to stop whatever you’ll be doing to fix a leaking faucet or tighten the carbine screw or something else in the camper. You can do all this and more with the best car tool kit.

However, it’s always important to ensure you do some research. In this tool kit for car buying guide, we’ve laid out some of the important details you must know before buying. Also, we’ve included tips and frequently asked questions you might have about car tool kits.

Why Do You Need A RV Tool Kit?

Appliances, as well as the systems, ultimately wear out and fail over time, no matter whether you’re on the road or at home. Technically speaking, something in your car will come apart, leak, crack or break. The odds are such kinds of inconveniences might happen when you are in the wild and miles away from home.

To avoid any meltdown, all you must do is get ready by buying the best tool kit. When you have all these tools, you’ll always be protected in case something unexpected happens. You can avoid any stress by planning for emergencies before leaving your home.

Most tool kits for campers, RVs, cars, and motorhomes comprise all the basic tools one needs for any adventure. Although you can buy most of these items separately, that can drive up the costs. It’s, for this reason, we strongly recommend buying the car tool kit that takes care of all these basic issues.

These tool kits are essential because regardless of the condition of your car, you’ll eventually want to cut, loosen or tighten something. Nothing remains in great shape forever.

  • Save money and time
  • Peace of mind
  • Fix the items on time without having to purchase unnecessary supplies
  • Appliances naturally wear out over time

Types Of RV Tool Kits

Many car tool kits are usually marketed as “household” or “home repair” tool kits, but these are usually geared to the car owners as well. Most of the issues you’ll have at home are common even when traveling in the camper, so they’ll serve the purpose. A major difference between these kits is what accessories are included in them. Some are geared towards more specific tasks like tire repair.

Custom Made Tool Kit

If you are not interested in buying an all-in-one car tool kit, then you can assemble a unique one. The main benefit is that you must buy tools that you know you’ll need over time. Moreover, you can make sure the tools are of great quality. The only issue is that they might be more expensive.

When buying your car tool kit, ensure to include: a tree saw or hacksaw, a level, a tape measure, wire cutters, a knife, a hammer, a spare battery, a cordless driver, screwdrivers, pliers, and a socket wrench set.

Tire Repair Tool Kit

Every car owner must have a tire repair kit at their disposal. It can’t get any worse than having a flat tire while driving and help isn’t anywhere close. These car tool kits are well designed for quickly and easily repairing punctures and are very versatile for repairing tubeless tires on cars, bikes, ATVs, and motorcycles as well.

The best car tire repair kits are usually designed with sturdy and strong materials. They comprise a wide range of tools, so you can do the job effectively and efficiently. Search for the items with various tire plugs.

General Toolkit

The basic RV tool kits comprise almost everything you’ll need to make effective repairs around your car. Technically speaking, the car tools are designed to resist corrosion and rust. The tools are well organized in heavy-duty molded carrying cases or bags. The general tool kit can have as few as 50 tools to over 200 pieces.

What To Consider When Purchasing A RV Tool Kit

You might be tempted to purchase the cheapest tool kit for your car, but that is the worst thing that can happen. Although price is an important factor to consider, especially if you’re on a limited budget, you need to see what has been included in the car tool kit before buying. Factors like quality and tool count and also the carrying case are essential to consider.

Types Of Tools

At this point, you already know that not all car tool kits are created the same. Some of the tools contain a bare minimum amount of tools, whereas others feature over 200 pieces. Most of these items contain necessities like socket sets, hammers, wrenches, and pliers. Although most people still believe more is a better option, this isn’t always the case.

You do not want to waste money on a costly tool kit that includes a wide range of tools that you will not use. You should pay close attention to the specs before buying to ensure that the car tool kit offers exactly what you’ll need. Moreover, if the tool kit does not include a drill, separately buy one since you’ll need it over time.

Carrying Case

Most RV tool kits usually come with some kind of carrying case. Molded plastic is used to make some of the cases, whereas others are nylon and offer less organization. These cases range in weight and size, depending on the tools included.

One of the major complaints about the tool cases is that they might fall out or become very hard to remove. This means they are either too tight or loose about tool retention. Some of the cases are also prone to cracking.

Final Thoughts

Our top pick for the best RV tool kit is the BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Drill & Home Tool Kit. The greatest highlight of this car tool kit is the drill, which is compact, but still perfect for an extensive range of projects. The RV tool kit usually comes with an extensive range of tools that are ideal for light jobs around your car.



Best RV Tool Kit FAQs

We’ve already established that a tool kit is an essential car accessory. Moreover, you might have a few questions about these such as the cost and what tools they must feature. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions.

What tools should I have in my RV?

There are specific tools that every car tool kit should include a power drill, a tape measure, a level, wire cutters, Allen wrenches, ratchet set, socket, adjustable wrench, pliers, knife, hammer, and screwdriver.

Are RV tool kits expensive?

Some car tool kits will cost more than others depending on the quality of these tools, the types of tools included, and the number of tools. Some great car tool kits will cost even less than $50, whereas you can also get a basic kit for only $100.

Can I use any basic tool kit in my RV?

Yes, most of the available car tool kits are geared towards garage use and home use and are perfectly suited for car usage as well.