What’s the single commonality between insane supercars like the Bugatti Vision GT, Lamborghini Veneno and Hyundai Vision GT (aside from the price tags)?  Tire sidewall customization.  But this simple yet impactful modification isn’t limited to concept cars and certainly doesn’t require a hook up at the tire factory.   Tire Stickers LLC is the exclusive provider of tire customization solutions including short term and long term products design to make an impact and help you stand out from the crowd.


At this point it’s become clear that tire lettering is not simply a fad, but rather an industry shift in the way vehicles can be uniquely customized.  Stop by any local cars and coffee, classic, tuner or exotic car show across America (even globally) and you will see Tire Stickers.   Gone are boring black tires dressed up only by tire shine and labor intensive paint pens.  With Tire Stickers you are limited only by your own creativity!


Whether you’re looking for tire letters, logos, numbers, designer lines or graphics it’s all possible.  Tire Stickers doesn’t offer cookie-cutter letters in a single font and you are not limited to only a permanent solution that can’t be removed.  The short term tire lettering kit can affordably be applied for a car show, rally or race event (or a series of them) and can easily removed and replaced with another design.  The permanent raised rubber lettering kit is available in several colors and will last the lifetime of the tire, perfect for a daily driver or show vehicle that will see use on the weekends.  Short term tire lettering kits start at $24.99 and permanent raised rubber kits at $74.99.


Now for the grand finale: for a limited time, Tire Stickers is offering complimentary tire customization for SEMA 2015! Make a lasting impression and promote your brand, company, booth and more by simply meeting a few basic terms and conditions.  There are two packages presently available:


  1. Free decals (cover shipping) – This package requires that the Tire Stickers brand be applied to the vehicle body either over the wheel well or another noticeable location that will fit the theme of the vehicle. Verbal promotion and all photos and media of the vehicle are to be provided to Tire Stickers for use.
  2. 50% off discount – This package does not require branding on the vehicle, but still requires the verbal promotion and access to media of the vehicle.

To qualify, email info@tirestickers.com with your contact information, photos of the vehicle and the booth the vehicle will be displayed in or company that has sponsored the vehicle.