Peel & Stick Tire Stickers®  Easy to apply and durable enough for a weekend track day. Peel & Stick Tire Stickers are available in over 12 colors as well as custom color matching; perfect for creating virtually any look.  Available for any type of vehicle tire (Car, Truck, Motorcycles, ATV’s, Bicycles, Karts, etc.)  these decals are a great addition for race teams or individuals seeking to create a unique look while the vehicle is static or in motion. This product can withstand all riding / driving conditions including wind forces exceeding 150 MPH and extreme tire deformation.  This short-term product is quick and easy to apply and ideal for short to medium term durability, specifically 1-2 weeks or under 1000 miles of driving. Looking for a more durable product? We recommend our Permanent Tire Stickers®.

Permanent Raised Rubber Tire Stickers® Looking for the most durable decals on the market? Our Permanent Tire Stickers® are designed for the most demanding conditions and to last the lifetime of the tire! Our raised rubber lettering style Tire Stickers® are ideal for maintaining a high quality look and lasting bond under daily driving conditions. All kits include decals for (4) tires, application instructions, FleXement Application Adhesive, and Tire Stickers Rubber Cleaner. Virtually any logo or font can be converted in order to match the desired look for the vehicle

Bottom Line  If you are looking to determine what design is best for your vehicle or have an upcoming photo shoot, race or event Peel and Stick is the affordable solution for you.  For a lasting look, select our Permanent Tire Stickers!



In the market for new tires? Tire Stickers® now offers tires along with the option of installation of lettering, logos or colored walls by our professional team!  With a huge selection of brands available at affordable pricing, we are your one-stop-shop for a hassle-free purchase.

  • Dozens of tire brands available at low warehouse pricing!
  • Professionally installed and warrantied tire lettering available.
  • Custom text, logos or licensed brand name designs.
  • Rare whitewalls, redlines, yellow lines, etc.
  • Perfect sidewall letter matching available.
  • Exclusively from Tire Stickers®.